[article] MTV USA Style: The Hottest Hustler of the Day–Korean cutie Rain.

[*ETA: For our worldwide friends, who may not be versed in American slang: In this instance, the word “hustler” is used to describe a very sexy young man who knows how to dress well. A shining star, who knows how to make things happen in his world. A mover and shaker, of the Jet Set. It is a compliment. 🙂 ^@@^]

Let me just say… MTV USA Style—I love you, love you, LOVE you.

I have been waiting and WAITING for you to make JiHoon your hottest hustler, Style. Week by week. Daily. Almost religiously, because let’s face it, the Man has got a look that always gives hustle a new name. I’ve been waiting. And… booyah!

You are so on your game.

Thank you. 😀

Fans, go tell MTV what you think about this newest write-up on Rain…! » Our previous post on Rain being invited to the 21st SIHH in Geneva is HERE.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com 7:20 pm EST

(Photo: Getty Images / source site: MTV.com)

MTV Style 1/19/2011 —

The Hottest Hustler of the Day: Korean cutie Rain

People are torn over what makes singer/actor Rain hot. Some say it’s his killer dance moves. Others say it’s his charming smile. And another set of fans say it’s his rock solid abs? We’re probably biased, but we definitely think it’s his amazingly-chic style. The singer arrived at a Cartier jewelry fair in Switzerland last night wearing a sleek black tux, crisp white button-up shirt, gray and white striped tie, lace-up shoes, and a brown leather watch. We love how he oozes confidence, sex appeal, and all-around badass-ery (plus, he gets brownie points for winning a MTV Movie Award for his performance in Ninja Assassin!). What do you think?

Do you like Rain’s cool and confident style?

~ by Cloud USA on January 19, 2011.

29 Responses to “[article] MTV USA Style: The Hottest Hustler of the Day–Korean cutie Rain.”

  1. Wow, it about time people notice what a great dresser Rain is. I mean sometime his hair styles make you think twice, but when it comes to dressing he really knows how to make a girl scream. He is the sexies dresser to me. It is also nice to see the MTV still remembers that they need to put Rain up on ther page. I mean everyone needs to now about Rain and his talents.


  2. Yey!!! I am glad they recognize him for being well dress coz if there is someone who takes special care on his dressing is Rain. He is so elegant and has the ability to look good in whatever he choose to wear. I love his style for Ji Woo. Argh!!! He was always perfect from head to toes.


  3. Awww…Our boy was recognized…it’s about time. I see people have left a lot of comments and feedback on the site as well.


  4. Wow… you know what’s awesome?? I was scrolling through some of the other Hottest Hustler of the day posts on MTV and they pretty much only have a few tweets and comments. Rain’s post has 108 FB mentions, 176 tweets and 59 comments so far. Gotta love Clouds, huh? 🙂 That’s right, MTV! We’re totally watching you!


    • Great observation, diva. I’m paying particular attention to those numbers as well, because this is the ONLY thing that MTV P.O.B. (Powers That Be) respond to. You can tell them that you love Rain until you’re blue in the face, but unless his pages have traffic and numbers to prove that, you might as well be talking to the wind.

      And look at his Hustler post, next to all the Hollywood elite men and male Jet-setters under that tag. NO ONE’s post has been tweeted or facebooked more than his, not even close, two or three times, compared to his hundreds. And the comments? Jared Leto has 25, and The Situation has 40, and everyone else is under that, next to Rain’s 60 (as of this comment). His 10 on Top post on that show’s message boards is the same way — 600 some odd views and 60 some odd comments, compared to the next person in numbers, Bieber with 300 odd views and 3 or 4 comments.

      This is why I harp so much on people going over there and clicking on Rain stuff even if you don’t say a word. Rain can never get enough traffic or enough comments at MTV USA — it’s only by blowing the place out (in an intelligent and courteous way) that they will tap into the Rain Goldmine that they know they have. They are watching to see what will happen whenever they post him, so that they can justify other posts. If we can’t show them numbers, forget it. We’re begging into deaf ears.

      I truly believe them, though, when they say they really like him. I think he’s (and we have) really taken them by surprise. Ha.

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Finally MTV is getting the “Memo” that Rain got lots of fans outside Asia!!! I hope they keep Rain in they radar and when he gets the movie and new album out give the proper attention to them. For now, I am very happy to see him in a US enterteinment site. Rain looks absolutely georgeous in those pics. His sense of style is really good and he dress properly for every ocassion. Fighting!!! 😀


  6. @newcloud
    u right !! i did miss much on that puddle hair but i do miss ALOT on his HIP SONG & RAINISM
    their i said it “*DONE*
    and it was way to poplaur that i am so dorrling over and over u can kill me for that but all am saying i gotta love it!!


  7. Woo Hoo!!……MTV betta recognize!….(SMILES) It’s great to see Bi still getting recognition from MTV, glad he’s still on their “radar.”


  8. Should be hottest hustler of the year! But I’ll take hottest hustler of the day 🙂


  9. Anyone else wearing a tux, ok whatevah….
    Rain wearing a tux, OMG! fdjgldkjg!!


  10. MTV I could not have said it better. I totally agree with the statment below”:

    “oozes confidence, sex appeal, and all-around badass-ery”


  11. Go MTV, for noticing him again! Now we just need u to do that more often…


  12. The man is always stylin whereava he goes. 🙂


  13. @stephanie
    hey rain is our lover man in here so please share to us too u know the room is big i belive rain can handle each one just blow a horn that all awawwaw !! as long we don”t tear him aprat it good to goes Lol… 🙂


  14. !getting better! is a divine style!cute !!


  15. It was about time that someone here in the US media recognize what we already know so lonnggggg ago.

    He is definitely a hustler. GRRRRRRRRR
    Way to go Rain Baby!!!!


  16. these people are late comers…we have known these since 4ever!!!…BI fighting!!


  17. Aw.

    So stylish. As always.

    I’m delighted to see MTV Style choose him as their Hottest Hustler of the Day! Nice!

    Terri :-}


  18. well to me i say all the above he have the killer look smile , dance movies oh yeah differnly defeanuing !! he rock his hair all the time, and yes he have that rock solid abs so oozing and very sexy to above his look the guy got it all and he deserved to best sexual male magazine if i recall that!! am tell when he smile it making peoples go hangover and scream when he style it make u eye on rain not celebarties but him instead.
    when he dance it give us his GROOVE !! when he talk regradling what langue he speak he itching u to listing and go uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rain!! :P)
    his chanming make lift up day even if u sad or mad it will goes away in min ahahhaahhaahhah!!!
    the man just stole your heart period…
    byw… i see my comment their ahahah..


  19. i think staring to gain some weight he look like he also put some pound to it wooooooooooooooooot is he also trying to pull herat together again ekekeek yeah right??
    the man so VERSATILE….!
    he can be more younger then his age yet stunning, handsome, cute, boy nextdoor, sexual sexy, hot what esle rain can tranforms into that whyni love about his versatile look i mean nobody can do this like rain and dam was that night i about to *DIE* after meet him face to handshake oh rain u love me i know u love that why u suprise with that Ninja Assassin muck look !!

    =aCOME HERE ……….!! 🙂


  20. Whew boy, when i saw these pictures earlier i was like oh my word…how does he do it every time. Every single time…so so so handsome. I don’t know how its possible to get re shocked, but every time i get re shocked with how handsome and sexy he is lol


  21. Oh he looks so good and is rocking the hair, although I do miss it having a show of it’s own lol


  22. Definitely had to go tell MTV to keep up the good work with having him there. So excited to see him there!


  23. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ☁Cloudy☁MJ☁, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: MTV USA Style: The Hottest Hustler of the Day: Korean cutie Rain. Haha! http://wp.me/pLdQp-7FC #Rain […]


  24. He is my love!!!


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