Revisiting: The beginning of Rain’s farewell to his 2010 comeback trail.

Ah, be still my heart! ♥

Emotionally, this was a hard week (May 24-30). In a small way, we were glad for it because Rain’s May schedule had worn us the hell out, but in a BIG way, we’d gotten used to having new “Love Song” and “Hip Song” stages for two straight months and it was devastating to have to give them up and let Rain go. But he had to move on—Fugitive filming and the Busan National Sports Festival awaited. He also had to hightail it over to the States for the MTV Movie Awards. AND hightail it over to Japan, for ZEPP. So it just couldn’t be helped… it was goodbye to the Back To The Basic comeback trail that he’d begun at the beginning of April. (His Music Bank farewell would air on Friday the 28th, and his Music Core farewell, with that sexy heartbeat dance flow in it HERE, would air on Saturday the 29th.)

Do enjoy this, Rain’s very first farewell show for that week, on M!Countdown May 27th. (I believe 2PM was saying goodbye too… look up in the video’s left-hand corner, where it says ADIEU Bi & 2PM…) There was some discussion at the time about whether or not it was a tear that slipped from Rain’s eye at the end of his performance or just perspiration. I leaned towards the tear theory—it had to have been very emotional for him to say goodbye to his music chart show fans, perhaps for good, especially while celebrating his 8-year career debut… and it didn’t look to me that he’d even broken a sweat. His face was as dry as bone except for that one wet trail. Just sayin’.

— Stephe ^@@^

10-5-27 MC _Stage_Love Song+Hip Song.wmv.  (credit: Mnet / courtesy of popponao25 @YT)

And here’s a gallery for all the newer fans who weren’t in the Rain World Nation back at this time.  (Okay, yes, it’s for me too, because he’s wearing my favorite black pants.)

~ by Cloud USA on January 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “Revisiting: The beginning of Rain’s farewell to his 2010 comeback trail.”

  1. I also think it was a tear. It made me get emotional watching this performance because I didn’t want to see it end.

    It’s crazy how long it’s been since Rains’ debut. I wish I would have known about him from the very beginning. However I am thankful to this blog for always revisiting past performances. It’s great to see how much he’s grown and matured. 🙂


  2. Black pants are the business!!! I always thought it was a tear… Dude wasn’t even sweating…


  3. Awwwww yes, Rain was emotional from the moment he started to sing. His face says it all. Yep, he was crying and BaegKa said the other day in an interview that he don’t cry easily coz all the things that happened in his life so that he cried here breaks my heart. Rain loves to perform; being in a stage with his fans shouting at his every move is what fills him as an artist so to know that he wouldn’t be able to be in a stage for a long time hurts him. He is soo special, usually performers don’t like that his fans scream while they perform a song but Rain wants us to SCREAM!!! and the harder the better. Lol!!!! In the Adieu Concert he cracked me up coz he was singing and he wasn’t satisfies with the volume of screaming so he started to push the audience to scream harder. Lol!!! He was so silly!! I know that being out of the stage is going to be difficult for him and I hope that the powers behind the military gives him the opportunity to permorm while he is doing MS coz he needs that. He will be a fish without water if he can’t perform in a stage.


  4. in this person i found rain sooooooooooooooo RUGGDULY handsome and how manly he can became not to mention he from thick to thin either way around he looking sexy, Hot as hell he can put his figure on that chart and the way he sing to the aduinace he expression not just STOLE the women heart by his tone SOUFUL VOICE deep into your and melting down but who are so resveded to his sining that i perfer to hear sing this song to me all night before i goes to bed.
    looking at him and watching rain are making ALIVE. he sing this LOVE SONG with a STRONG hight note and if this song refer to me all am saying I WOULD LET U SLIP OUT MY HAND AND LIFE ………!!
    i can the passionate he sing he truly love her alot and he was warmed with this song sing out to her what i can is if man ever sing this song to i will marry for the rest of my life and forever!!
    i know am not lucky enought but it free to express your option to rain coz, i mean no gril and resist from his tocuh when ever he sing any LOVE SONG !! LOVE STORY !!
    yeah i remeber this was the last stage he perform knowing he going to served MS soon but the postponed was finally extended 2011 that was very good new of rain countine his artis.. ect..
    whatching rain shredding his tear it making me tearing with him coz that tear meaning ALOT to us i mean it A world tocuhing tear!!
    back in may i was tearing first time i see rain shredding his tear am serious guy! it like their no rain i could be here today who wowo and give such a good excited entertinemt and woww and happy to his fans and peoples korean are so very lucky have rain and they should alway be prouds of him to bottm of his heart RAIN 😎 ]


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