Video Bonanza: Some of Stephe’s favorite things.

The other night, I had time to sit and enjoy my personal favorite Rain things page on the media blog.  Of course, before I was through, there was stuff I was burning to repost and dish about with you all.  (Okay, yeah, I’d repost the WHOLE PAGE if that wouldn’t make me look like a sure-fire candidate for the nearest funny farm.  I admit it.)

And so, while The Man is off in gaaaaaay Pareeeeeeeeee taking care of business (and other things), let us submerge ourselves in the warm, soothing waters of a favorite JiHoon video bonanza.  Shall we?

— Stephe ^@@^

To You, from the 2010 Rain Loves ZEPP Tour of Japan, July.  One of the most precious performances ever.  Singing in Korean, speaking in Japanese.  (courtesy of ratoka)


THIS performance snatches “Bad Guy” right out of the KPop category and dumps it squarely into R&B territory.  KPop has never sounded like that.  Trust.  From 2002, Rain versus Rain… and standing in the rain before “Nan.”

비 vs. 비 Dance Battle, The 2002 KMAs.  (courtesy of ryancolour @YT)


HOT stuff, from various vintage moments in Rain’s career: DOHC, Calvin Klein, Cosmo, VONIN, various shows and concerts, and NAN ohhhhh NAN. O_O.  (Fan made, courtesy of ranmaru0625)


From April 30th, as he begins to rehearse his Love Song staging on Music Bank.  His Red Bling is blinging HARD.  So pretty! He’d scared the absolute CRAP out of us by collapsing backstage at M!Countdown the week before this, and he was still so sick with flu here. 😦    (credit: Daum / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


Hip Song in Love Song attire, on Open Concert.

Rain: “My next song is ‘Hip Song’ which best represents my feature. Everyone please stand up.  Let’s have an exciting time!”  (brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


From October 2004, “11 Days” from Rain’s 3rd album showcase.  (What a voice! That husky tone sounds like he’s been drinking straight whiskey for a week.)  Courtesy of miuseNaBi.

~ by Cloud USA on January 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “Video Bonanza: Some of Stephe’s favorite things.”

  1. 4 vid gosh i very love all the vid their esp my red LOVE SONG their he look so beauitful and the more i see rain in that love song i fell in love with much more just love how he have that passionate voice that blow me away!!
    2 vid
    are just way to cute………..!!!! 🙂
    dran rain what else u got in that spirit of u u can make me smile and enjoy with all day ahahahha when rain did a brek dance it so awesome his body so refixable and so good as dancer he call it!
    3 vid @_@
    gosh he @:53
    gosh he so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! in that bukga look the lip just wanted to kiss him and smash all over it! *SWOON*
    what a coolabartion of the mix she did awesome vid hot to jucy love it!!
    5 vid
    is so oozing in that aLOVE SONG of his perfrom he look so sexy in that black top and white pant all am saying i just wanted *SWOON* O_O watching that vid !! :P)
    6 vid is so sey voice am saying he suuuuuuuuuuuu uhhhhhhhhhh!! when he make that tone voice where did this guy get that SEXY VOICE from awwwwwwwwww!!


  2. @stephe thanks so much for posting these videos. A couple of these performances I had never seen. I truelly enjoyed them all.


  3. Love the red bling it was one of my favorites along with white vest and the ebony bling.


  4. Me, insinuating something? Nawwwwww.


    Stephe ^@@^


  5. Lol… taking care of business… “and other things”??
    What might u be insinuating?
    Bwahahahaaaa… That trip was wayyyy tooo on the dl for him not to be doing some “other things”… Noone would know he was in Paris if someone hadn’t taken a pic… right? In Paris he’s just some Asian dude to most people… He can be out and about on the street.
    I’m just sayin….
    BTW… I love, love, LOVE that video of him doing “To You”… It is so super, duper, uber, fantastically cute that I could just sqeeeeeeeeeeee and then explode. That’s how cute it is.


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