[article] MBLAQ’s Cry and Stay reach record high view counts on YouTube.

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HelloKPop 1/18/2011 — TerriKR, Correspondent

According to J.Tune Camp, MBLAQ has become a real powerhouse on YouTube.

Cry and Stay, the two title tracks from MBLAQ’s first full album, BLAQ Style, have reached record high view counts on J.Tune Camp’s YouTube Channel. Cry was viewed over 500,000 times within a week after its release. Stay has been viewed over 100,000 times [Author’s note: I just checked J.Tune Camp’s YouTube Channel, and the view-counts-to-date are Cry: 538,859 and Stay: 445,381. So, as far as the count for Stay goes, something may have been lost in translation.]

K-Pop industry professionals keep a close eye on the view counts of their YouTube channels, because YouTube is often the only way foreign fans are able to enjoy their favorite K-Pop idols’ work. A representative of J.Tune Camp told Nate News,

“Foreign fans have shown an interest since before the album was released. Other videos released through our YouTube channel have also received record-breaking view counts.”

MBLAQ debuted in October 2009 with their debut single album Just BLAQ, which quickly topped various on- and off-line music charts in South Korea. BLAQ Style, their first full-length album, was released on January 10, 2011.

By: TerriKR

Sources: Nate News (translated by mocha@AbsoluteMBLAQ, via MBLAQCHINA

~ by Cloud USA on January 17, 2011.

6 Responses to “[article] MBLAQ’s Cry and Stay reach record high view counts on YouTube.”

  1. Woohoo, so happy for them!


  2. yeah oh yeah!! GO MBLAQ!!
    I absulutly so happy for the boy they are bring the strong powerhouse perform and give the amazing stage for their fans for the past 1 years they very put the effort toward this comback stage and what it outcome it was known as BEST ENTERTINEMNT of youtube reiew and stage!!
    i so impress by them are open to their republic this time the boy can pull together this time yet i am so inlove their chraming stayle and sexy peformce… i am very happy for MBLAQ !! 🙂
    yeah jtune star to share alot thing to repulic that good think so they can get more Foreign fans have shown an interest i glad to her from good new from Jtune & their fans suporter !!go a+ DEBAK!


  3. Go Mblaq, go, go!!!!!! Yey!!!!! I am really happy coz you know what that means in the long run? Maybeeeee concerts outside Asia?? And when Rain gets his new cd out people are going to be used to the channel soo it’s good for him too.


  4. YAY! I’m so happy for MBLAQ, knew they could do this! ^.^


  5. I’m so happy JTuneCamp finally joined Youtube.


  6. I’m glad to hear that cause it seems that Tenn top has been taking most of the domestic attention…we love Mblaq!!!


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