Rain about town #9: Indonesia.

Clinic Clear for Men ads in Indonesia, in 2008 (one of the many product endorsements Rain is known for). And check that out—not only is the man larger than life… he goes on and on and on.

I wouldn’t mind driving down a road like that. How about you? O_O

— Stephe ^@@^

(images courtesy of Mira Roestandi @Facebook)


And from our Commercial Spots Page: (no, that isn’t Rain doing the voice-over.  Just the “My name is Rain.” Heheh. It most certainly is.)

Cf Rain Bi clinic clear shampoo english version.  (courtesy of TheHattercrazy @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 15, 2011.

16 Responses to “Rain about town #9: Indonesia.”

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  2. If loving a Rain shampoo commercial is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


    Stephe ^@@^


    • OH you took it Waaayyy back! I hear the melody in my head right now! (LOL!!). I don’t want to be right either. You see I’m trying to do some “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” kinda moves to “steal” a Rain street sign like a Ninja on the streets at midnight!


    • Oops it was shampoo not deodarant…Shows how much I was paying attention to the product. Rain’s sexiness distracted me…


  3. Is it wrong to get turned on by a deodarant commercial? If that was not his voice until the end the other narrator did a good job of matching the tone of Rain’s voice. Of course I love Rain’s voice no mattter what, but when he says something in English I really really like it.


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  5. This is where I’d pull out MY ninja outfit…..cause one of those signs will be “snatched up” in the middle of the night……Just as soon as I can figure out how NOT to get arrested!…(SMILES)


  6. I would burn all my gas up riding back and forth over this bridge. I love when he says, “My Name is Rain” love me some Rain.


  7. Rain is soo darn sexy in that cf that I can see it all day long. Yummie!!!!! “My name is Rain” is the final touch to melt me into a puddle. Sighhh. That ad in the street would make me crash for sure!! I will be catatonic looking at it and forgot to drive!! It will be like “o.o GASP!!! CRASH!!!” lol!!!


  8. how beautiful!SEXYY!!!SEXYY!!!


  9. I am not sure I could focus on the road. I would definitely have to pull over and I would never make it to where I was going.


  10. I’d probably be TOO distracted driven down that road. haha


  11. @ceclia185
    LMAO… don”t get me involed coz i DO NOT HAVE INSRUANCE for that coverage!! lol…
    that poster are WAY TO MUCH TRAFFIC !!
    street traffic sulition here!!


  12. That could be dangerous for me to see that while driving, talk about distracting…..lol.


  13. u move toward engernic dance and entertinemt rain, when u swet your delcious waterbottle in task OMG!! i just wanted some that dran right u swaet to sexyness with perform and sexyyyyyy we love seeing u weat more then anything to me i love it!1 it making u trun to yummy and yummy ekek..lol..world watching true!
    your hair are soooooooooooooo shine and smoothy may i run my finger pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
    squeek…yeah u hot and looking realgood in black the best ever ! i feeling the CONFIDENT in full mark in you i mean just u rain !! I TRUSH U SEXYYYYYYYYYYY VOICE u tooking my breath away and nlow me away tooooooooo..
    SPEAK ENGLISH TO MY EAR pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!! awawawwawaw .. :P)


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