[Updated info] Get The Fugitive: Plan B EOR set. It’s available at the KBSWORLDi E-Store!

{*ETA 8/4/2011: KBSWORLDi is now mVibo (only the name has been changed, not the underlying corporation. It doesn’t appear that you can order by episode anymore, but the full Fugitive DVD set is still available there, for the same low price.

Just click the updated order link HERE: » The Fugitive: Plan B DVD set on EOR. ^@@^}


Yes, that’s right, all.  If you live in the U.S. or Canada (OR own a DVD player that will play Region 1 disks) and don’t care to wait for The Fugitive: Plan B to be released in the usual attractive retail DVD packaging with all the extras, you can order the series (or individual episodes) from KBS America via the KBSWORLDi E-store right now.

What is EOR?

EOR (Episode On Request) is a premiere service exclusively provided by KBS America for you to purchase your preferable episode selectively.  In other words, you can actually buy the Fugitive episodes of your choice, individually, at $5.00 each, or buy the whole 20-episode set (which usually goes for $100.) at the discounted price of $79.99 and have it shipped to your home.

There is no pretty packaging, DVD extras, or frills.  BUT they are the actual retail DVDs that KBS America would make available to stores, they are of very high quality (broadcast worthy), and have good English subtitles.  Instead of buying them in a store, you’re getting them directly from the source.

A while back, Terri was able to order SangDoo, A Love To Kill, and Full House from KBS America.  SangDoo, which is on their DVD list, came in retail packaging, while ALTK and Full House, on their EOR list, came in the Big Orange Box.  » You can get more information and see her experience drama-hunting HERE.  And who cares about packaging anyway, when you’re getting high quality, collection-worthy Jung JiHoon and other drama kings and queens of your dreams?

Cloud USA community member jelyba shared the other day that she had just received her Fugitive: Plan B EOR set from KBSWORLDi in the mail.  How exciting!  We hope she’ll also let us all know if she is satisfied with the quality of the product, though we suspect she is. 🙂

» You can order your preferred episodes or the entire drama HERE.  As we understand it, anyone should be able to order and receive the disks, but as they are designated Region 1 (U.S./Canada), you might not be able to play them.  (There are special DVD players on the market now that do play DVDs from multiple regions.  You may want to look into that.)

Fugitive on EOR!  What a great idea.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

P.S.: Oh dear, KBSWORLDi… looks like you’ve shafted poor Henney!

~ by Cloud USA on January 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “[Updated info] Get The Fugitive: Plan B EOR set. It’s available at the KBSWORLDi E-Store!”

  1. I think I’ll wait till my store has it, I like the packaging and pics…it’ll be worth it!! 😉


    • Yes, it’ll probably look really good. I’m curious about that, not to mention if they’re going to include any extras… and the price…?

      We’ll see, I guess.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. I got my set about two weeks ago and it is great to be able to look at the eps. I want and rewind the scences I like. No frills but good DVD quaility. Rain is so handsome it this show and it is worth the $80 dollars.


  3. estara en español ??


    • No estoy seguro, Nair. Probablemente no. 😦 Pero podemos enviarlas por correo electrónico y pedir …

      Stephe ^@@^


      • @ nair1
        hola!!! 😀

        Bienvenida a nuestra casa!!! Que bueno que estas aqui. Yo soy marisara y vivo en Puerto Rico, en el Caribe y llevo desde el verano en Cloud USA. Hablo ingles y español asi que si necesitas ayuda solo dejame un mensaje para ayudarte en lo que desees saber. Supe de Rain por Ninja Assasin y desde entonces he visto todas sus series y tengo varios cd. Amo a Rain con locura!!! No he podido asistir a ningun concierto pero en cuanto tenga oportunidad voy a ir. Si quieres, en You Tube hay algunos videos con traduccion de sus canciones por el sitio de Rain Peru. Cuando vayas a YT pon el nombre de la cancion y luego subs español. Si necesitas ayuda solo dimelo. Fue un placer saludarte!!!


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