Cloud sing-a-long time: The Three Bears.

That’s right.  If you’re a Cloud, Rain cloud, or Full House fan, this song is a staple the same way you always have bread, milk, rice, and eggs in your kitchen.  So just buck up and accept it, learn it, love it.  (And don’t forget the movements!  Very important!)

In late 2009, I drove Terri and Jim to drink, for a spell.  Because I sang this thing all day and just couldn’t shut up.  That was a very odd time in our lives.

— Stephe ^@@^ 😛

곰세마리 gom family song.  (courtesy of chloe1024 @YT)

Kom Sae Mari

Kom-sae-mari-ga han ji-bae iss-eo (A bear family of three lives in a house)

a-pa-gom, eo-ma-gom, a-gi-gom (Papa bear, mama bear, baby bear)

a-pa-gom-eun dung-dung-hae (Papa bear is faaaaaaat)

eo-ma-gom-eun nal-shi-nae (Mama bear is slender)

a-gi-gom-eun neo-mu gi-yeo-wa (Baby bear is too cute)

eu-seuk eu-seuk chal-han-da! (They all do well!)


Aaaand a Bonus.  Do you know WHY it’s a bonus?  Because not only does it showcase how the Three Bears song figured in Rain and HyeGyo’s lives like a million times (no wonder JiHoon hopes he never hears the song again!)… and not only does it show outtakes, particularly the one where Rain starts to sing an unsavory version about three guys living in a house LOL… it also shows my favorite version, when Han JiEun made YoungJae sing the Four Bears song, with the grandmother bear (halmoni-gom) who was really scary added in.  Hahahahah!  (I shouldn’t get so much excitement out of that, but I do.  What can I say.)

Oh yeah, and YoungJae’s grandma gets caught singing it like it was Korean trot music or something.  ROFLMAO!  My god.  This is a terrific video.

“Full House” 3 bears song.  (courtesy of songhyegyonet @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 15, 2011.

10 Responses to “Cloud sing-a-long time: The Three Bears.”

  1. totally the first song I ever learned in Korean >.<
    LOVED this! thanks ^.^


  2. HEY..!!
    i change my mid actually rain can babysit me 24/7
    coz he is a daddy to me with full covage in this was”t rain have the LIFE insurance so he the one i wanted to my pappa daddy ekekek oh rain i think i need u know coz, i about to heat to bead ahahhaahh… i reader listing u sing to then listing to my I_Pod!


  3. this song so funny yet very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. lol..:)
    i would love to have my man sing this to me when i bord ahaah that would odd and akward then … hey don”t care it get me laughting and fun to see peoples sing this to u and that cartoon just make my day ekekek !1


  4. OMG, LOL!
    This was freaking hilarious, there wasn’t a part of this video that didn’t make laugh.


  5. LOL the sad thing is that I totally learned this song from Full House and use it to wash my hands the appropriate amount of time at work. LOL!!!! Sad that I’d rather sing this than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


  6. ROFL!

    Father gom un nomo fa fat-ayyyyyyyy…. LMAO Good lord.

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. “American version” in an “american” accent… bwahahaaa…


    • LOL that one was sooo funny! Had a hip hop feel to it or something. I loved watching the NG because he kept laughing so hard


  8. 😛 😛 😛


  9. ^___WoooW___^


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