[ETA fan cam] New on the Block.

ETA: See now… Diva got me started.  It’s all her fault.  She asked about the picture I put in this post, which led me to revisit one of my favorite fan cams where said pic was taken… and so I’m laughing at Rain all over again and I must share it.  So have fun with this, compliments of the Divalcious One.  Heh.  ^@@^

Rain shows off the man-V at his SixToFive Fashion show in Macao, and is Attacked By Killer Confetti.  LOL!  (6/27/2009, courtesy of bluberrie7 @YT)


November and December site maintenance has been completed.  As a result, the following PAGES in our media blog sidebar (to your right) have been REFRESHED:

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There was quite a bit of memorable material, so other PAGES were slightly refreshed in one way or another, as well.


Our 2010 MTV World Cup of Rock/FIFA World Cup PAGE, for when you want to relive that grueling, glorious time when we as one Rain Cloud Nation drove Rain and South Korea to victory on MTV.com.  How amazing was that? 😀

Until next time, dear peeps.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “[ETA fan cam] New on the Block.”

  1. @Stephe
    Gwweeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk :p) 😯
    dran that pick making me SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and my toungue are driiping down way to far ………..! that i totally gorget what inches it reach too OMG!! MERCY he trying to kill all the aduiance saying hey yall i got that unknow abs DO U WANTED TO SEEEEEEEEEE A?? abababbaabb
    i very think rain so hot even just dran t-shirt gosh i can watch him eyecandy when he flip it off all day i differnly go for it


  2. Holley V!!! Wow, the person that took that pic. got it in a second coz that’s the time he was with that shirt up. Talk about precision!! Lol!!! That pic. Is sooo yummie bees couldn’t resist it!!! Man, that’s the way I love to see Rain, with a tank tshirt and tight jeans. That jean fits him like a glove and the V is hot!!! Drooling here!!!


  3. Bwahahahaaa….
    That was evil laughter, in case u didn’t know…
    Lolllls @ when the confetti just kind of blew in from the side like it was following him. Then when he was trying to sing and brush it off him. Too funny… Thanks for posting this!


  4. Hey, Deev. 🙂

    I swear to you, I don’t remember. It was one of those days when I was in a million different places on the Internet. However… if you look up Rain’s Six To Five fashion concert in Macao from June 2009, you might find it or some like it.

    One of my favorite fan cams happened there. I called it the Attack of the Killer Confetti on my post. ROFL!


    Stephe ^@@^


  5. :gawping @ that pic:
    Where did u find THAT piece of yummy goodness???


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