[ETA Eng trans/clips] Revisiting: Rain interviews at LoR Osaka.

Enjoy this entertainment news clip from earlier today where Unique went back to revisit things that were happening at this same time last year… namely Rain’s Legend of Rainism Asia stop at Osaka Jo Hall in Japan, January 23-24 of 2010.  (Taiwan, the end of the tour, came directly after that.)

Interestingly enough, best bud BbaekGa had just had his very serious brain operation on the 22nd in Korea (which was why poor Rain couldn’t be there), and Terri and I had just given birth to Cloud USA on the 21st, after being in labor for two straight weeks.  (It was hell! I swear I built this blog by the skin of my teeth. LOL)

— Stephe ^@@^

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110112 Unique Ent. News_Behind Story_Rain Edit. (Credit: Only 비 @ DC / scorpiolabibi1 @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

– Aired on January 12th, 2011-

– When OBS TV carried exclusive coverage on Rain’s Asian tour concert in January of the year before last, he spoke remarkably frankly about what he is heading abroad. –

-At that time when he was having a concert in Japan’s Osaka in January, 2009.-

Rain : First of all, it is necessary to be an object of fascination to our neighbor countries, and this precedes all others. The making inroads into America is to be the second best.

– What is the meaning of marriage to Rain who is a young man of 29? –

Q : Would you be interested in starting a romantic relationship with a woman?

Rain : I’m ready for it and am thinking about it a lot.

Q : When was the last time you dated your girl friend?

Rain : There are so many facts here you don’t know.

Rain : I’ve always liked a sexy woman, but I like a kind-hearted woman, too.

Q : What is family really about for you?

Rain : Spending time with my family, eating in together in mornings and evenings or taking weekend trips together, could make me feel really happy.


And a Bonus: My favorite post about Rain’s LoR Osaka stint, from early February 2010. Interviewer Dude was like, OMG is he really this big or am I hallucinating? ROFL!  I suppose it’s time for ME to go back to the basic and start pulling out some of this older JiHoon goodness.

Cloud USA 2/7/2010 — Stephe, Corr.

Rain DWARFS Japanese Interviewer

This bit of video funny took place in Osaka around Jan 23rd, when Rain returned to Japan for a second round of Legend of Rainism. A news organization (Ten) sent one of their people to do a piece on the concert at Osaka Jo Hall and the opening of J.Tune Camp Japan’s official fan site, which Rain attended. (There is some really nice footage of Rain throughout the video. The news people are completely enamored with him.)

By the way, I do believe Korean fans were being interviewed outside the arena! It sounded like the lady with the pink-sequined bow said, “Ji-Hoon, saranghaeyo.” (“Ji-Hoon, I love you,” honorifically.)

Now, I am quite used to seeing Rain tower over people with his 6’1″ self. That rarely surprises me. But for Pete’s sake—I about laughed myself silly at how his entire body dwarfed this poor interviewer. It looked like a special effect. The interviewer was incredulous at the fact that Rain made him look like a ten year old, and had to touch him to make sure he was real, which embarrassed the heck out of Rain. (OMG, a man I don’t know is touching my chest. ROFL!) And check out how the interviewer’s feet are the same size as Rain’s feet, which makes even LESS sense.

So… why do I have a picture of Rain and good friend Kim Tae-Woo (of G.O.D.) in this post? To show just how much Tae-Woo towers over Rain. If Tae-Woo had walked into that room instead, that poor interviewer just might have had a coronary. — Stephe ^@@^

Rain Bi TV 020310.  Ten Osaka entertainment news review.  (courtesy of hiroio @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans/clips] Revisiting: Rain interviews at LoR Osaka.”

  1. yeh he does look fake to me but i have to i”m 5’2 myself anf he seeme to not their tall then everbody stand near him !!
    but also when come toward me for the handshake he does look tall then i am very lean and so hansome if u meet rain u might loos your word am telling anway he so cute here love how he express about his family spending time with them ekek that would long time family reuoin together and i know rain alway hextic himself so he should found time relaxing and cheer with them… !


  2. Hey if I was giving that interview I’d find a reason to feel him up too…just saying.


  3. I noticed the same thing when MBLAQ was in Japan last year. They performed at one of Rain’s concerts and were interviewed. Every guy in MBLAQ looked huge standing next to the Japanese interviewers and everyone one in MBLAQ is shorter than Rain.


  4. Thanks for posting this. LOL!!! Rain felt uncomfortable with that reporter touching his chest, but he stayed polite. Everyone looked like a dot standing next to Rain. I loved his hair cut he looked so cute.


  5. Gosh, I am 5′ 2 so yep, will look like a dwarf next to Rain. Lol!!! He was so handsome in this video and the hairstyle makes him look younger. Cuttie pie!!! 😀


  6. stephe, I agree. Rain looked fake standing next to the interview. Just so un-real. I am only 5ft 1in so he would be a giant over me. Like most people are. I like Rain’s hair with that cut, really cute.


  7. thanks for sharing !!


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