[clip] Rain and MBLAQ put the “camp” in J.Tune Camp.

What does the word “camp” mean, exactly?  Well, a few of the more common definitions are:

» A place where people engage in intensive training

» A group of people who think alike or share a cause; side

» To live in or as if in a camp, settle; to provide with accommodations

And so, as you can see, J.Tune Camp has always been rightly named.  Seniors guide juniors when necessary and then let the juniors get on with their business.  And of course, when the business end of the day is done, you can be sure that brothers take care of brothers.  This is one tightly-knit bunch.

— Stephe ^@@^

레인 엠블랙.  (This literally translates to “Lane MBLAQ.”  Leave it to J.Tune to be cryptic LOL! MBLAQ practices “Stay” choreography with Rain. ^@@^)  Credit: jtunecamp @YT.

~ by Cloud USA on January 12, 2011.

12 Responses to “[clip] Rain and MBLAQ put the “camp” in J.Tune Camp.”

  1. great video, I love seeing Rain interact with MBLAQ. Too bad Joon is not there.


  2. i gree rain does look erom out must be the concert he have .. i am happy to see rain and mblaq boy are rehershal rain wearing a RELAX shirt..lol… i belove this yesterday he war taching them the MBLAQ’s choreography for their song “Stay”, i love how rain alway give them the right
    path and walk them to their drenght all forewad to be sacifle with it rain look so gergous along his boy too. knowing them partice the boy are differeinly ccan bring the show down again i hope soo…and rain just a perfectionism person from his own rehershal to his boy rain are such a move on and took hisrehershal serious that the main thing he wanted them to becme more talen and i know the boy can do with appluse ..


  3. Rain looks awesome!! Argh!!! I am not sure if this video was taken before or after the Adeiu Concert but I guess it was after so maybe that’s why he looks a bit tired. Ohhh, I love seeing him in dance practice coz there you see how much work it goes into those choreographies. The boys looked very focus in their moves and Rain is just magical. That man can move like a dream!! Sighhh Wish the video was longer to see more. Those boys are going in the right path with Rain leading them. It shows that he loves his boys dearly and want them to achive their goals not only for economic purposes but coz he really cares about them. Daddy Rain is very proud of his boys!!


  4. i need someone to clarify something for me. I was watching the vid stay and one of the mblaq members look so much to the guy who played the character of Raizo when hi was younger on Ninja Assassin? Do you know if the any these boys worked with Rain in Ninja Assassin?

    Thanks in advance.


  5. thanks for posting 🙂 love to see them practice ( practice makes perfect ) fighting !!


  6. @Diva, I agree that Rain does look so good but a bit tired. Yes his dance moves are always so crip. From the video you can tell Rain gets down to business when he is working. He expects nothing but the best you can give. MBLAQ is lucky to have Rain on thier side with all his talent and knowledge to pass on. Because you can tell he really cares about them and thier success.


  7. The beginning was very dramatic. And you two are right. He does look very tired. Georgous as ever, but tired.


  8. When the boss talks, everybody listen. He is so intent to have them learn the steps. I like it when he is serious. But he does look a little worn out himself.


  9. Rain’s looking soooo good here, if a bit tired. He’s always so crisp in his dance moves, isn’t he? That one guy in the beginning wAsn’t Joonie right? Maybe the choreographer? Did rain say,”Let’s go” right before he started to count? I need to watch this on my computer later, not on my small ass iPod screen, lol.


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