[article] Behind the Scenes of Cry with MBLAQ.

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HelloKPop 1/12/2010 — TerriKR, Correspondent

Hot on the heels of BLAQ Style’s release, MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) released this “behind-the-scenes” look at the making of their music video for Cry, one of the album’s two title tracks.

The boys of MBLAQ looked the height of fashion and right at home on the elaborate set designed especially for the video. Whenever the opportunity arose in between takes, they mugged at the camera and charmed their fans, who were surely pleased to get a glimpse of their favorite idols in action.

BLAQ List is the group’s first full-length album, and its focus on the boys’ musical talents, rather than gimmicks, has been well received. MBLAQ members contributed to the production of this album in several ways. Seungho, the group’s leader, composed and performed the album’s intro song, “Sad Memories. Mir composed “You’re My +,” a song written especially for MBLAQ’s fans, called A+’s.

According to a statement recently released by J.Tune Camp, there has been “overwhelming interest” in the album and, “in one day, over 25,000 copies” of BLAQ List were sold. The agency plans a second production run of the albums in anticipation of future sales.

Sources: absolutemblaqchannel, Daum and Osen News

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5 Responses to “[article] Behind the Scenes of Cry with MBLAQ.”

  1. awwaw Seunho was talking and G.O. was hu hu hu! in front of the camera i am starting too see him more like rain i don”t know why either but ofcurse my goes only to rain but he resemble something put rain in my mind i just wondering myself if i ever considering him rain why he served MS either or i just enjoy suporting the boy and to clear everbody here i alway love rain no matter what rain have his orignal image and the boss alway the best ..
    the boy are alway so sweet they greet the adiuance and fan in front camera no matter they have such a respect humam being persional is and i very love how they alway found a way keep each other charming and fun ekekek..
    OMG!! when G.O. try crap that camera i see rain in him .. seek ahahh the boy so harlious they walk in front the camera and did some sily thing what a fun to watch ekke … yeah i love the facrt their break they found something to cheer up so active .i like the boy keep up hardwoking !!


  2. That was a funny behind the scene video. Even though I do not know what they are saying I like thier personalities. They seem like really nice guys with a great sense of humor. They seem to get along so well. I love them all but GO is my favorite. Just love everything about him.

    Can someone tell me if they know if any of them knew each other before they were picked to be in the group?


  3. Love this song..my favorite of the album …thanks for posting ! 🙂


  4. I love the part where they all walk up to the camera to wave cutely and then Seungho just ignores the camera and walks by.


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