[HD MV] J.Tune Camp Presents MBLAQ’s STAY

And ain’t it gorgeous?

In all honesty, I like Stay much better than I do Cry.  I also really like the fact that G.O is featured in the chorus.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  :-}

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on January 11, 2011.

17 Responses to “[HD MV] J.Tune Camp Presents MBLAQ’s STAY”

  1. love the video… can clearly see the results of hard work:-)


  2. I like this a lot!


  3. I like the song Stay but not better then Cry. Can’t wait to get there new album .


  4. I like G.O. in both videos; his voice is amazing and he does sound a lot like Rain. I like this song coz is full of energy. Great video!!


  5. This is a point of view of someone who has never seen this boys before. This song is very contagious an it has a lot of potential. From now on i’m going to keep a closer eye on them. Excelent song, vid, choreography and vocals. Way to go Guys!!!!!


  6. heck yeah!!! this album just puts a firm stamp on MBLAQ who i think ups the hanty in kpop music. this is quality music, looks, voices,visuals etc.

    can’t believe it’s only been a little over a year and this group explodes like this. somebody was holding back. what you think? hahaha


  7. Oh my…the boys are hot here especially GO. This was a really nice surprise today after I got home from jury duty. I hope these new songs gets them the recognition they deserve.


  8. G.O!!! OMG! *drops*

    Ughnnnnn, that voice! Silky as always.

    Stephe ^@@^


  9. now ‘Stay’ is red, energetic
    wowowowo !! and the style suiit their song so good it very beauitful song i LOVE IT !!
    soory the more i see G.O. i think it was rain………..oh my shot me he look more manly and got more sexy look dran rain 😎 what happen here i thinking i rip my heart into 2 peaces i don”t who i will STAY with now??? awwawawawawaw :P)
    love the backdrop toooooooooo………..!!getting slightly dizzy watching this to dran awesome clip replay again!! 🙂


  10. @Terri are you a huge fan of GO like I am? I love all the guys but GO is my favorite. I just love his look and his deep voice. I love Cry and Stay. Both songs are hot. I love this video alot it is beautiful. I like Stay because it is an up temple song you can move too.


  11. aaahhhh!!!!…I love this vid!!!
    Joon so intense!
    GO great vocals!
    Seunho looking good!
    Mir and Thunder…wow..great collab on the rap!!
    all in all just amazing!! 😉


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