[posts] The latest on the J.Tune horizon.

As we said in a previous post, nothing was going to happen to MBLAQ.  The Boys would simply continue their business as usual.  Why would anyone even think that Rain would let anything happen to his young brothers, much less agree to anything that would hurt them?  Honestly, people?

In my opinion, he would have been livid if any of these goings-on had threatened MBLAQ’s future and busy trying to rectify that situation, rather than happily doing interviews and giddily hobnobbing with fans.  I mean, doesn’t that make sense?

— Stephe ^@@^


Allkpop 1/4/2011 — by maestro-J

MBLAQ’s tracklist for comeback album, “BLAQ Style”, released!

A couple days ago, the boys of MBLAQ finally made their long-awaited return as they released their track “Cry” from their upcoming album, “BLAQ Style.”

Recently, they unveiled their full tracklist for the album, and heightened the buzz for its upcoming release.

01. Sad Memories (Intro)
02. STAY (**Title Track**)
03. Cry
04. Darling / 그대여
05. Throw Away / 버린다
06. Rust / 녹
07. Tonight
08. Wish You Hadn’t / 이러지 않았으면해
09. You’re my +
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah(C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. Different Beginning / 또 다른시작 (Outro)

MBLAQ will be releasing another track from the album on January 5th, so be sure to stay tuned for that update soon!

Source: DVD Heaven


Allkpop 1/3/2011 — by vitalsign

J.Tune Camp clarifies MBLAQ’s position in the J.Tune + JYPE merge

Ever since J. Tune Entertainment declared that they would be merging with JYP Entertainment, MBLAQ fans have been raising questions over the fate of the group.

MBLAQ’s agency, J. Tune Camp, spoke with Newsen on January 3rd and revealed, “J. Tune Camp and J. Tune Entertainment are separate corporate bodies. We would like to announce that the merge between the two companies has nothing to do with us.”

The company also cleared up the relationship between Rain and MBLAQ by stating, “Rain is just a producer that participates in MBLAQ’s album production. They are of a mentor and student relationship, but we would like to make it clear that MBLAQ is not a group under Rain’s company.”

Regarding the merge between J. Tune and JYPE, the representatives concluded, “They have no legal relation to MBLAQ and MBLAQ will not be seen as a part of the JYP label.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum


Allkpop 1/2/2011 — by vitalwarning

Miss A signs with J.Tune Entertainment

It has been announced that miss A will be joining Park Jin Young in contracting with J. Tune Entertainment.

According to J. Tune Entertainment, miss A inked the contract on January 2nd.

“miss A, who has been under JYP Entertainment and managed by AQ Entertainment, has signed a new exclusive contract with us. With regards to this contract, there were no separate exclusive deposits involved,” stated a representative of J. Tune Entertainment.

They continued, “The company will bring out all physical and human resources to actively support miss A’s promotions. We will utilize all of our resources to the best of our ability, and through maximizing our revenue and operating profit, we will satisfy the anticipation of our shareholders and fans.

He added, “This year, miss A member, Suzy, will become a powerful Hallyu figure as she debuts with her first drama, KBS 2TV’s ‘Dream High’. Two of the miss A members are Chinese, and as much as they have been preparing to advance into China and Asia even before their debut, we will do our best in maximizing the promotions of this team to the whole of Asia.”

We don’t know what to make of this, since it was reported earlier that J.Tune will be merged with JYP Entertainment in February. We shall continue to keep tabs on developments regarding this.

Source: Star News via Nate

~ by Cloud USA on January 5, 2011.

13 Responses to “[posts] The latest on the J.Tune horizon.”

  1. I am still confused please can someone help me?


  2. i just saw this list at another site. the leader of MBLAQ has written one of these, just can’t remember which one. these boys seemed to be spreading their wings. i wish them loads of luck, especially for this one.


  3. I’m a huge fan of Mblaq thanks to Rain and I know he would never ever just abandon them and I’ve said that to a lot of people.

    oh btw there are two title tracks on that album Cry is one but it’s not clear what the other song is


  4. yeah i serious don”t understand allkpop
    why they confues if they say they merge then they are merge why asking and confus what the entertinmener does what is matte is u just wait and see what coming and suporting the idol u like why goes of another article and say something not respectful to their comapny i read on Allkpop some say it was wrong and some agreed i just don”t understand what into their minded but u know they need to be specfic clear on the new and article before they star post any article on their repulblic site..,.
    not mention that i read somewhere say Lee Na young & Daneil Henny even have a real relationship sent September where the heck they read this article from they even press charge the repation goes around about this nosen here i was like what the heck??
    anway i just going to slide on that coz, no need to bring that up!!
    i am happy that Mblaq very have such a more peoples into will work their way up and kknow them raking care by too this is something we should be happy for them … i glad rain descion is sosmart and think through !!
    the Cd seeme to more alot intersting here sound like it alot love music i will suport the new cd but i have to see the other are first go Mblaq u know we love u and suporting !!


  5. I know I address my questions to Stephe but can anyone answer my questions? I know I wrote alot of questions. Just when I think I understand what is going on something else come out. Then I am confused all over again. Any answers will help. I will appreciate it.


  6. i just don’t get why allkpop is so confused?????

    JYPEntertainment and JTune Entertainment merged. period.

    JTune Camp is different. can’t they destinguish between the two?
    seems they just ignore Rain’s explaination. i guess they feel they gotta do this to keep hits coming their way. but it’s not confusing at all, unless you want to create confusion. hummmmm


  7. I’m so glad Miss A is coming to J Tune, they are one of the better girl groups out there…yay!!…aja aja Mblaq!!


  8. Wow, there are a lot of songs in that cd and those titles sound very interesting!! Humm When this merger was made official I got no doubts that the boys of Mblaq were taken care coz I know that for Rain they are family. These ARE his boys and he protect them and cherish them. They are not only an investment for him; they are his pride and joy. I am sure that Mblaq’s future is secure as best as Rain can make it so they can go on while he is doing MS.


  9. @Stephe can you explain some things to me if you can:

    1. Is this correct? Rain started J. Tune Entertainment. The company went public. Therefore anyone who bought shares in the company became part owner. Rain use to be the majority shareholder, thus being the biggest owner. He never ran the company. There is a CEO, president and other members of the board that manage the company. Rain nolonger is the majority shareholder because he sold off all of his shares. He is strictly an artist with J. Tune Entertainment. Is this correct?

    2. Was Rain the owner of J. Tune Entertainment only and not J. Tune Camp? Or did Rain start J. Tune Camp also? Is this company public as well. Was he or still is part owner of J. Tune Camp? Do he have shares in this company?

    3. J. Tune Entertainment manages Rain’s acting gigs and J. Tune Camp manages Rain’s music. Is this correct?

    4. Did JYP only merge with J. Tune Entertainment and not J. Tune Camp?
    Based on what was said above (“J. Tune Camp and J. Tune Entertainment are separate corporate bodies. We would like to announce that the merge between the two companies has nothing to do with us.”)

    I get the impression this is what happened.

    5. Didnt Rain state that he should not be associatied with JYP. He is still going to be an artist with J. Tune. I am assuming he ment still with J. Tune Camp.

    6. Isnt J. Tune Entertainment and J. Tune Camp are going to be going by the name JYP now?

    7. Rain stated that J. Tune is going to keep the same managment. Do you think he ment J. Tune Camp? Because I thought JYP said when the name change to JYP there will be a new presidnet, Ceo, and board members.

    I know this is alot of questions. Also, that you may not be able to answer them. But I had to ask because I am so confused.


    • 1) As far as I know. 2) The only way to accurately know any of this is to be able to look into J.Tune’s confidential business files OR do a hell of a lot of research on corporate business info sites. 3) As far as I know. 4) As far as I know. Picture J.Tune Ent. (parent company) as a big red umbrella. Floating underneath the big red umbrella are small black umbrellas (subsidiaries under the big parent… J.Tune Camp, J.Tune Creative, J.Tune This, J.Tune That, J.Tune Whatever, etc.). Along comes JYPE (parent company) as a big blue umbrella. Big red umbrella and big blue umbrella combine and become one purple umbrella and go with the JYPE name. Small black umbrellas stay black and still float under the big purple parent and go about their normal business.

      5) As far as I know. 6) Refer to #4 above. 7) Yes. Refer to #4 above.

      My answers here are based on my point of view concerning what I have read, seen, and heard up to this point. The whole story hasn’t been given to the media or to anyone — just the bits and pieces that JTE and JYPE want us to know, and that’s the way it will always probably be.

      It’s not that your questions are being ignored (I saw your latest comment, though I’m replying under this one), it’s just that a lot of the detail you want can’t accurately be answered by fans on the outside of the situation looking in, just on the fly. Many questions you ask would require someone taking time to do research OR someone being privy to J.Tune’s confidential business files. Or (and I’m not trying to be rude here because I’m not a rude person) they’ve already been answered several times.

      Rain and MBLAQ both seem stable and properly taken care of at the present time, so I’m moving on from this. It is Rain’s desire to be free to express himself only as an artist from now on, and that has been made possible by the merger. I’m concentrating solely on supporting Rain in his upcoming activities, which is really what the man needs right now, until the J.Tune Ent./JYPE merger signing happens in mid-February, or unless important information that has not already been printed or discussed comes down the pike.

      That’s not to say no one else can discuss the matter. Please, anyone, discuss away if you so desire, and I mean that! Go right ahead. (I think Terri’s not near as tired of it as I am, ha.) But I’m done. For now.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks so much Stephe for answering all my questions to the best of your knowledge. I did not take anything you said to be rude. I can truelly understand how you can be tired of discussing this topic over again. If I have any further questions on this topic I will try to remember to not address them to you directly. Once again thank you for taking the time to anwswer my questions. Your answeres did bring some clarity.


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