[slide show fan cam] ADIEU: Why Rain was overcome is obvious… :)

… when you look at this loving surprise tribute to him made of pictures and messages sent by Rain fans from all over the world, and put together for the concert by The Korean Cloud.  We don’t know if this is the whole thing or not… but what you do see of it is wonderful.  It gets you right there, in the ♥.

A great idea, and a magnificent job done by all…!

Thanks for the tip, Laura. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

2010 12 31 ADIEU 2010 WITH RAIN FAN EVENT FILM.  (credit: LetsGoHomeWithRain @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 3, 2011.

12 Responses to “[slide show fan cam] ADIEU: Why Rain was overcome is obvious… :)”

  1. Wow.. that’s was very touching! Perhaps we should put something similar as a gift for when he’s off to serve his country. Something to remind him that we’ll miss him and eagerly await his comeback?


  2. Wow!!!! No wonder he was soo overwhelm!!! That was awesome and I am very happy to see and feel that I am not the only crazy woman in love with Rain!! Lol!!! We belong to a really big comunity that keeps growing every day. However, what fills me with joy is that Rain deserves that love coz he is the real thing. Rain is a true mega star. Forget light, forget stage, forget everything!! He is a star in all the extent of the word; nobody can denied that. Rain was born to be in a stage coz that his mission in this world but also, he changes lives along the way with his humble spirit, his kindness, his joy and his way of doing things. That is a marvelous thing to watch and I hope we have him for many years to come.


    • lol, yes it is soooo comforting to know that im not crazy all by myself loving him lol. Ill be out with friends, and no matter what there is always something in the conversation that makes me think of something in relation to Rain and i’ll say what ever it is and they’ll be like ‘oh lord here she goes again’. And its nice to be apart of a world wide community that all feels the same passion for this amazing man. I will never stop loving this man, i owe him that much…


  3. thus so touching seeing rain have such a lover clouds suporting all over the asia and yet who come across the world for his concert and even get an extra need what ever they can pss onto rain listing to this I WANTED TO SAY !!
    i so emotional that he not just give the love to all his fans but who such a connection with regradless what age of they he does”t care and even love them same treat this how much i see in his human being is he belong to this world and why a reason he world star coz it mean for him to be i belive.
    looking at this if i was to be i might the first gril to shreeding my tear over that rain so very pilite and very respectful to everything he BOW* them and thank u for what ever he can give hope and love that why i am very could STOP love him the reason is in your heart and u know rain have make alot fans it not easy for him he just so amazing person that we love him each day and more he very have the effect of us that we would never let him goes and me i know he is a major to everything i love how he keep them so touch!


  4. That was really very beautiful and I am always happy when he gets to see how his fans really feel about him and how he affects our lives and how much we really love him. Rain is such an amazing person and he definitely deserves that. He gives us so much it is wonderful to see some of us be able to give back and see how he is so affected by it.


  5. This was an awsome idea. Every time I watch this I am so emotionally affected. This is one of the most sweetest and loving things I have ever seen. I especially loved the one message NO RAIN, NO LIFE. Yes I can understand why Rain was so overcome. In other videos when he speak to the crowd you can hear the emotion clearly in his voice. Rain has so awsome Clouds!!!!

    When did they show the slide show? Was it at the end of the first show or second show?


    • “NO RAIN, NO LIFE” how about that? that is really a powerful statement, but it is the honest truth.

      i loved that message. i loved seeing all of the outpouring from Clouds to Rain. so moving. thanks to Laura for hunting this one down for everyone.


      • Okay,

        I have to say that although the intent was sweet, that statement of “No Rain, No Life” is a tad dramatic, don’t you think? I mean, really. I had a life before I discovered Rain, and I imagine I would have had a life if I hadn’t discovered Rain.

        Not that it would have been as sweet, but it would still have been a life.

        Still, I guess maybe these ladies really do feel that way. I mean they said it, after all. So, I guess that’s something.
        And I guess we’ll find out when he goes into the military won’t we. After all, that will “sort of” be a life with “no Rain.”

        I know, I know…I need to quit talking about it, don’t I?

        Terri :-}


        • @Terri,

          I don’t want to upset anybody either, but when I read that I was like WOAH! That’s a pretty “deep” statement to make. I mean it’s true in the literal sense. However, you don’t want to go too deep with respect to someone you don’t Really know. Having said that, I don’t want to diminish the obvious love that person must have felt for Rain. However at the same time, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need the added stress of worrying that someone is going to “go off the deep end” on his behalf.


        • O_o Well.

          I took it symbolically. You know, life on earth withering and drying up from lack of rain. A Rain fan’s life (AS a fan) withering and dying and becoming downright dead without Rain. A lack of him would make life rather dull and ordinary, for sure.

          Stephe ^@@^


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