The upcoming J.Tune/JYPE merger.

» You can read KPopLive’s December 29th writeup of this matter HERE.  We are still waiting for clarification from one of the large news outlets that we usually trust.

In the meantime… the way we see it, the main points of this thing are:

• JinYoung Park himself hasn’t been signed with his own company (JYPE)  since 2006, which is when his artist contract with them expired.  He has now begun working again, and so he needs management.  Thus, he has signed with J.Tune, which in effect means he is Rain’s and MBLAQ’s fellow artist.

• There is no need to ask What’s going to happen to MBLAQ? as the obvious answer is…nothing.  They’ll be doing their thing as usual: releasing albums, doing comeback stages, releasing videos, and working.  J.Tune isn’t shutting down, folks.  The parent company isn’t closing its doors.  The two companies are simply merging.  J.Tune will still be there, but just under a different name and under a different Board of Directors.  Two powerhouses are coming together.

• Rain is still signed with J.Tune, but J.Tune’s name will be changing.  He won’t be working for JYP.  He will be working alongside him.  In an alliance.  A pretty powerful one, we might add.

Pretty cut-and-dry, as far as we’re concerned.

We’re not exactly jumping for joy over this, to be truthful.  But we don’t look for anything bad to come of it, either (fingers crossed)… and that’s just our point of view.  For now.

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on December 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “The upcoming J.Tune/JYPE merger.”

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am still on holiday overseas but mangaged to steal away the laptop from my daughter to check on what is going on in Cyberspace of late. Firstly, though…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! to everyone. Hope you all had great celebrations going on in your own worlds. We atendded a BEYOND countdown party in Penang last night. Though the loud noise of the warm-up bands were deafening, BEYOND sang some great songs to bring the early 90’s back to life for us oldies.

    But, this news about JYPE and J. Tune merging as been the most surprising news of the year. I have not yet read the story on the net but at first when I heard it I was worried. JYPE are not the best entertainment company as far as protecting some of their artists are concerned and I still dont understand why MBLAQ are not getting the news coverage they deserve. I dont see them on TV as much as say 2PM.

    Is J. Tune the bigger shareholder or is it JYPE? And who is going to manage it? Rain or JYP? And Why has JYP not been signed to his own label since 2006?

    And who is going to look after MBLAQ whilst Rain is in the army? Will they be properly looked after?


  2. I hope it will be a good thing, JYP entertainment has not been the best as far as management goes, hopefully with the people from J Tune things will be more balanced and better for all concerned…definately will keep my fingers crossed!! 😉


  3. @stephe
    thank u for this and i do it going to poweerful for all the Benfit along rain alone with his artis and actitives and then MBlaq can be more inprove with his sining and dancing now that i read your stage and muy firend on other blog this should make more clear to me and i sure
    am understanding why rain wnated to got his business going and to stay afloating and nothing will be over control and happen i am happy that rain come beforehand and make his smart move so i agree with what he doing that sure bring him peace of mind yet also can focis on his aside artis and do more what he have to focus i have no doub about what ever rain doing i will suporting him all to the end and i well


  4. Also, I want MBLAQ to benefit too.


  5. @Stephe I agree with what you said here. I am still a little confused but I am staying positive that this is and will turn out to be a powerful good thing for Rain. So far this sounds like this is normal business that goes on all the time with alot of business. Inorder for companies to stay afloat and grow transactions like this take place all the time. But the only thing that matters to me is that Rain will benefit from this. If so I will be very happy!!!


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