KBS World has a Star Date with The Fugitive: Plan B.

» Not long ago, KBS TV in S.Korea aired an entertainment clip on the wrap-up of Runaway/Fugitive.

Now, KBS World has released their English-subtitled version of that report.  Terrific!

— Stephe ^@@^

[STAR DATE] The Fugitive Plan B: 도망자 Last Episode filming.  (Credit: kbsworld @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “KBS World has a Star Date with The Fugitive: Plan B.”

  1. Rain is soo funny!! It’s obvious that he kept a good relationship with LNY and teased her a lot during the series. They seemed at easy with each other. Rain is a marvelous person and he made everybody’s work easier. Love ya baby!!!


  2. It’s so cute how he snorts when he is really tickled!!


  3. I loved watching this, thanks for posting.

    On a side note, poor Rain….he has to defend himself on whether he lost his abs or not. You look hot to me regardless Rain, love ya.


    • All I can say is I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. Staying in tip-top shape is difficult for everyone, and to be scrutinized for any tiny change every single time you appear in public would make me crazy.

      So freaking annoying.

      Terri :-}


  4. i very love rain persional and he care on other the min LNY walk he took of her coat and have her waer see rain very know how women bless and love is !!
    the mnore i see jung ji hoon like the more fulier heart i have for him he very cute and funn person to hang out with u well never wanted to loss this guy at any point of it!! and when he look at woment the sentence wrotte right their ahahhaha…. he is very fun person outside his work and job when he serious he can be 2 differnt person
    i love what ever hr trun into rain is still rain i wondering why rain could never let his killer smile know i know coz it mean to be keep us alive ahahahah…. i mean if i ever grap my chance to give him a hug i would not let goes until i am totaly wron down and melt away !!
    and for women he the first man to say voting !


  5. Oh man, that was even cuter seeing it with all the subs added! It’s adorable the way they interact. So great to see Rain being his silly self… I love how he kind of plugged himself as having such an eye for detail. Hahaaa… you could see his little smirk to the side. Sigh… so cute.


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