Rain is Busy Preparing for his Adieu Concert. Are YOU Ready Clouds?

Hello Lovely Clouds!

As you can see, Rain is hard at work, practicing for his Adieu Concert.  Are YOU ready for the concert, Clouds?

Terri :-}

오늘도 연습실에서 콘서트 연습으로 땀방울을 흘렸답니다…콘서트 대박!!

“I’ve been practicing for my concert in the practice room again today, sweating it out…my concert’s gonna [be the] bomb!”

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

One little note of clarification:  In English, when you say something is going to “bomb,” that means it is going to suck big time, that it’s going to be really BAD.  I don’t think that’s what Rain meant.  When you want to say something is going to be really great, then you say it’s going to “be the bomb.” That is why I added the words “be the” to the translation.  Just a quick little English slang lesson for you there.


Terri :-}

[Source of quote & image: @myjangjun on Twitter]클릭하시면 확대된 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.

~ by Cloud USA on December 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Rain is Busy Preparing for his Adieu Concert. Are YOU Ready Clouds?”

  1. Nobody is as sexy as Rain with a hoodie on, he looks so good. Just like in the first hip song performance when he had on the white sweat suit. So sexxxyyy!


  2. @sontravia nelson
    if am not wrong he in JYP partice room
    he rehershal all the song and concert upcoming 31

    wowowo !! rain is trly making his concert became the bom like he say i feel the crows ans appluse for rain again our king are very focus on his last concert u can see the face of his emotion here very perfectionism and he is moving on that work ahahha cool glad JYP allow rain & Mblaq in their pattice room ofcurse they are agreeed each other already ahahha………….
    i am happy to see rain back in his day love see rain in the hoodie he look amazing yet gergous too love it! 🙂


  3. He look so cute in that outfit my only question is i wish someone could tell me where that pratice studio is? Anybody?


  4. LOL, did someone take this picture threw a whole!! Yes I too cannot wait to see fancams of his concert. I know it is going to be the BOMB!!!


  5. I think we get it Terri…lol…and I’m sure that’s what he meant, thnx for the post…aja aja BI!! 😉


  6. Dang he looks sooo adorable with the huddie on!! I can’t wait to see fancams of his concert coz I know is gonna be awesome!!!


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