[clip] MBAQ’s 1st Album Teaser & New J.Tune Camp YouTube Channel

Greetings Lovely Clouds,

I do hope all of you are staying warm these days.

Just wanted to share this twofer from the world of MBLAQ:  a new teaser for their upcoming album AND a new channel on which to promote all of their work.

You can find J.Tune’s YouTube Channel here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/jtunecamp. And here’s the teaser:

[Video credit: J.Tune Camp]

Isn’t that great?

The channel is brand new, so there’s only the one video posted right now, but that just means that they’ve got plenty of room to grow.  If their new producer (JYP) is smart, he’ll fill it up fast with some of their old work too.

In the meantime, please enjoy this extremely effective and super sexy teaser, which just so happens to be part of one of their songs in English.  Yes, you heard right…English.  Well, okay.  It’s only one line of English over and over and over, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

Please subscribe to this new channel and support all of MBLAQ’s endeavors.  Their album is set to drop on January 10, 2011.  Pick up a copy if you can.


Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on December 28, 2010.

14 Responses to “[clip] MBAQ’s 1st Album Teaser & New J.Tune Camp YouTube Channel”

  1. That is gorgeous. Whoever came up with this concept needs to be given a hug. I previously had no interest in MBlaq’s music (until Running and Running), but after watching this, I’m really wanting to hear the cd.
    Very well done! Joonie’s movement in the water is so beautiful. I love that they’re letting him showcase his ballet training more. He moves beautifully. It’s a stunning video and the song sounds like it will be good. Excited!


  2. Such a cool teaser. Glad they finally got a youtube channel. Now if only they’d get on Itunes and Amazon.

    Joon is such a dancer, even under water he points his toes.


  3. The teaser is kind of cheesy, but the song sounds really good. I cant wait for them to start promoting Rain’s new stuff… Im so excited!!!!!


  4. OMG!!
    what have the MBlaq doing behind that door awawwa AWESOME i loving it OMG!! this look more intersting yeah it so beauitful in that water it a wow !! 🙂


  5. I’m so excited! I have so been looking forward to this new release! It looks great! ^.^


  6. Sounds good cant wait to hear the rest of it and I love the water scenes real nice job


  7. Sounds great, can’t wait.


  8. Very cool! I’m so excited!


  9. I love what I hear and I cannot wait to hear more!


  10. Soo cool!!! All over water, humm!!! I wonder if that means something? Ha!! Rain is so smart and Mblaq is ready to rumble!! Argh!!


    • yeap,,,i sensed the same thing. following that “first drop”

      the boys became immersed in it. i get a real hidden subtle message out of this teaser. but, it is so nicely done.
      each of the boys look super great in their movements, like none i’ve seen before. Rain really, really chose a talented group of individuals here.


  11. this looks and sounds awesome!!!…can’t wait to get their new album 😉


  12. wow! that’s all, just wow!


  13. Wow…it certainly is different from their previous work. I will be interested to see how it all looks and sounds come 1/10/11.


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