You know you’re a Cloud at Christmas when…

… On your holiday trip to Malaysia, you get yourself some life-sized Rain at a Nature Republic shop. ^@@^


Image credit: Cloud USA community member Melanie, of Australia. Can we join you, Mel? Pretty please?


… Your kids are so COOL that they get you life-sized Back To The Basic Rain for a holiday gift. ^@@^


Image credit: Cloud USA community member Gee, in Louisiana, with her Man on Christmas.


Image credit: Community member Gee. That's one great looking cut-out, yo!


… Your nephew is so COOL that he takes a bottle of Rain-X and makes it a bottle of Rain/Ji-Hoon-X and presents it to you for Christmas. ^@@^


Image credit: Cloud USA co-founder Terri, in Atlanta. Rain/Ji-Hoon-X front. 🙂


Image credit: Terri. Rain/Ji-Hoon-X, back. 🙂

~ by Cloud USA on December 27, 2010.

10 Responses to “You know you’re a Cloud at Christmas when…”

  1. Lucky Clouds and some lovely gifts. That Rain-X though? Can I just say how clever that was? And how it made me laugh? Wonderful! ^.^


  2. Wow! What fantastic presents! I am very envious!


  3. ys me too i love the gift that was so very cool…………. indeed oh this so specail i have ever see LUCKY!! 🙂


  4. I loved all the gifts. All of them were awsome gifts to get for Christmas. I want a life size cut out Rain!


  5. Just want everyone to know this was a great Christmas in deed. I had most of my cousins who may not be into to Rain like me but was having fun taking picks with him. In the background of the photo you can see Brusce Lee and Jet Li. On the other side is Rain. This is my martial arts wall. I look at the men I love everyday. Thanks for the play of me and Rain. Love to all my cloud sisters.
    P.S. Come down to New Orleans and we’ll all take picks with Rain. (smile) anytime.


  6. i feel so unfair how U.S.
    it not cometliable to have such a sexy guy and totaly enduser that he can seal anything among this rrruuuggg
    dram they are lucky i bet thoes ppeoples and fans out their go wilde over that rain pict and poster bord shot!
    if this ever to be in where i live at the mall i will took that opportiune and grap that pict of and took a pict of and post on my room way and who i migh humpling too at night hey what about rubbling ahaha CAN”T DO women u know the po,po !1 are ahahaha!!
    wht can we have rain goodies here why?????????
    i can see he famous all over that so much showing rain have love all over and don”t forget their still more to come
    LS i just stole and sneak away CAN I CAN I??


  7. Awesome!!!!! Those are great gifts indeed. 😀


  8. i wish i had a present like that for christmas. Someday i guess i will get one…. i won’t lose hope jajajajajaja
    Ladies congratulations no doubt that they love you very much n_n


  9. 1. I want to score a life size Rain cut-out and
    2. Aww that bottle it just too cute, how sweet of him.


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