Revisiting: Legend of Rainism’s first stop…

… at Saitama Super Arena in the greater Tokyo area, at the end of August 2009.

Just because it was one hell of a tour, and Rain went ALL OUT.

— Stephe ^@@^

Rain bi LEGEND OF RAINISM in JAPAN【I’MCOMING+DON’TSTOP】.  (courtesy of miyuki6to5 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Revisiting: Legend of Rainism’s first stop…”

  1. I have always loved this performance!! I loved the dancing done by his dancing team, so amazing and cool!! I love looking at the beautiful site of all the people in the crowd.


  2. Watch out Korea I am coming this year around Aug. or Sept. and hopeing to see Jihoon.


  3. @Stephe
    alright stephe don”t get me started here 🙂
    number 1
    if i won that super lotto ticket i sweer i well drop my money to all rain concert i mean complete one just like HuluhuhUhu
    did for rain back in his tour this pass i think hune and july while he done and have gilming fugitive after!!
    good mercy i don”t how much it cost to a one single concert all i knoe it wroted to go see rain live & VIP if i can get that lucky!!
    i well scream the heck out my toungue and yet dancing with him with ever the mood come .. and then be hangover afterall it will spen my full roundtrip enjoy my excited with rain tour !1
    don”t i still did get enought of where i left of 2009 concert 🙂
    and OH RAIN !! 😎
    PLEASE !!!! come to U.S. u said world tour right whiches???????????
    i am so envirous to see ,ore that booty shaking concert of u pplus more scream i can i be oh abae come here to U.S. we wantee you badly NOW COMMON am awhating !!


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