New on the Block.

REFRESHED: Our About Cloud USA: Who We Are page, all gussied up for 2011.  Meet our crew.

ADDED:  Our brand new Cloud USA Store page.  It’s where you can order and buy Rain and MBLAQ merchandise, from the Back To The Basic mini-album to the Ninja Assassin original soundtrack to “Y”, and books, posters, and other goodies.  There’s plenty of room for the store to grow and GROW, and it will.  This is only the beginning.  Go see what’s up.

‘Til next time, Rain clouds…

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “New on the Block.”

  1. wowowowo !! awesome
    i will book into this soon that was one good new for me yeah let us now what u got i am excited thank u for give an easy way ahahah i about to scream GOOD NEWS!!
    thank u guy u make my day!! 🙂


  2. Very cool… I’ll be making a purchase soon… woop woop!


  3. That’s great news!!! I can’t wait for Cloud USA merchandise!! Tshirts will be awesome and stickers for the car too. Je je!! Of course I wanna get more Rain’s merchandise, that would be awesome. I want some cds and tshirt too and what better way than tru the site. It’s time to make some money for our nest. Show me the money!!!! Lol!!!


  4. This is wonderful. im so excited now. Good job Clouds


  5. sooo…all the things in the store can be had thru amazon??? I’m confused, please clarify…thnx!! 😉


    • Raindasy,

      If you click on the items and buy them through our store page, then we will get “credit” for the purchase from That’s all. Instead of going straight to, please come to our store and try to find it there first.

      And if you can’t ever find a product through our store site that you’ve seen when you’ve gone directly through, please send me the link and I’ll add it to our store. I think I’ve found everything that Amazon had for sale, but I could have missed something.

      You’ll also notice that there aren’t very many Rain products for sell on anyway. It’s very hard to find them.

      We’ve also applied to YesAsia’s affiliate program, but our application hasn’t been approved yet. Hopefully, soon you’ll see a Yes Asia section on our store page too.

      Plus, we are eventually going to add our own Cloud USA items to the store as soon as we can afford to stock them. We are currently working on pricing, choosing manufacturers/distributors, and working on some technical issues related to all of that. So, please stay tuned!

      Terri :-}


  6. I just saw the CloudUSA store and it made me very excited!


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