10 Magazine: Rain amongst New Year’s concerts.

10 Magazine 12/27/2010 — 10 Media, correspondent

12/31—1/16 New Year’s Concerts

Some of the most famous international superstars are coming to Korea to celebrate the new year! Close your eyes and imagine Michael Bolton serenading “How Can I Live Without You” as you ring in the new year. South of the river, Korea’s very own Bi (rain) will be making ladies swoon with his smooth voice and slick dance moves. Sting will give a grand performance for his Northeastern Asian fan base as he helps usher in the first few weeks of the new year. And Mary J Blige will make sure 2011 will be full of no drama.

December 31st
Michael Bolton Concert
When a man loves a woman, he buys her tickets to a Michael Bolton concert Only for the true romantics. Hwajeong Gymnasium at Korea University near Anam Stn. (line 6). 8 pm. W88,000 – W132,000. 1599-3066

Rain in Concert
End 2010 with “Bi” (Rain), one of South Korea’s most famous entertainers. Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium near Sports Complex Stn. (line 2). 6 & 11:30 pm. W66,000 – W165,000. 1544-1555

January 11th
Sting Concert
Former front man for the Police, solo artist, yoga master, and actor, Sting has a peerless resume, and his musical work over the past two decades is just as impressive. See him in Seoul as part of Hyundai Card’s Super Concert series at the Gymnastics Arena at Olympic Park near Olympic Park Stn. (line 5, ex. 3). 8 pm. W77,000 – W230,000. ticket.interpark.com 02-3141-3488

January 16th
Mary J Blige Live in Seoul
With nine Grammy awards and eight multi-platinum under her belt, Mary J Blige brings soul to Seoul. Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University near Hoegi Stn. (line 1, ex. 1). 5 pm. W66,000 – W165,000. khugpp.khu.ac.kr 02-961-9250

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One Response to “10 Magazine: Rain amongst New Year’s concerts.”

  1. This picture always “freaks me out” it’s uncanny how much Ji-Hoon looks like Michael (believe it or not) right there. Michael was my original celebrity crush as a young girl.

    Now you know Ji-Hoon and company will hit up Mary J. Blige’s show! She’s pretty damned soulful. Has Korea always been This accepting of R&B artists? It’s kind of mind blowing.


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