[article/fan cams/images] Rain + 2PM = Teamplay at the JYP Nation concert.

“2PM… shake that ass!  SHAKE that ass!”  *2PM shakin’ hard* LMAO!

And I LOVE Rain’s mop top.  Love it, love it, LOVE it.  Reminds me of his trip to the Alps, but with more mop.  *squeak*

Okay, that’s enough, Stephe. 😀

This show was a JYPE Past & Present moment, and a pretty cool one, from the looks of it.  When I heard the legendary Tae-Woo and g.o.d. were there too, I thought I was going to croak.  Wow.  It’s been a heck of a long time since Rain and g.o.d. were on the same stage.

“If it weren’t for G.o.d and Rain, I don’t think it would be possible to create the JYP artists today…. Rain has gone through tough training….

I feel something special about Rain.” (joking) “I could make a bundle by stringing along with the success of Rain and G.o.d.” (continuing) “Without the product of the two’s painstaking efforts, there are no Wonder Girls, 2PM and so on. Please love our forever family, Rain and G.o.d., including MBLAQ.” — J.Y. Park, 12/24/2010 · source: TV Daily & Nate

— Stephe ^@@^

101224 JYP nation 2PM &RAIN.  (courtesy of supika0916 @YT)

This one was cammed by a devoted 2PM fan… but there is enough of Rain’s fine form floating in and out of it to warrant a mention.  So here it is.

101224 itsraining.  (courtesy of copolymer7 @YT)


(images: naver news / DC / Twitter)


Allkpop 12/24/2010 —

Photos from 2010 JYP Nation—Team Play concert.

After weeks of preparation, the first-ever 2010 JYP Nation – Team Play Concert took place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium as JYP Entertainment artists enjoyed a memorable Christmas Eve with their fans.

Led by their mentor, Park Jin Young (JYP), the JYP lineup of 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A, Joo, J.Lim and San E came together to put on a special show for fans. In addition, as a show of friendship, long-time friend and colleague, Rain also made a special appearance.

Living up to the concert’s concept of team play, the artists put on a dazzling show of special collaborative stages to hit songs like “Don’t Leave Me“, “Tell Me“, “Breathe“, etc although the most eye-catching stage would be “Heartbeat” as the girls linked up with the 2PM boys.

Following immediately after the conclusion of JYP Nation’s concert, was JYP’s “Bad Party – The Dancer‘ concert which is currently taking place (started at midnight) at the same location.

Check out the concert photos which certainly looks a helluva lot of fun!

Written by: Casper

» You can check out the original post and a massive gallery of photos on the Allkpop site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on December 24, 2010.

12 Responses to “[article/fan cams/images] Rain + 2PM = Teamplay at the JYP Nation concert.”

  1. I love that Rain and JYP got together for this show. The guys of 2pm did and amazing job and it shows that they admire Rain a lot. Rain looks like the big brother there showing them how it’s done. The hair, well, I admit that i like it au naturale but then curly hair is in fashion now. Sigh I miss his dark and glossy asian hair but I love him anyway. He looks soo darn sexy with those pants and the boots are amazing. Love them!!


  2. Really great performance… 2pm did such a great job, giving Rain a run for his money… lol. They were very presice in their movements! I bet they were so excited to be able to perform with him like this, probably knew all the dance steps from before… haha…
    As for the hair… the curly thing: cute. The color? Noooo… But I hate that sort of dye job on almost anyone so I’m not surprised. Still love looking at him though!


  3. It was pretty cool to see Jihoon and 2P.M. danceing together.


  4. Absolutely LOVING that hair!!!!!!!


    • Well, newcloud… looks like it’s just you and me. I absolutely adore it. Whereas his lovely JiWoo hair was something I wanted to stroke gently, smooth down, and wrap my hands around… his mop top is a different story. I want to jam all ten fingers up into it, rake along his scalp until I find a good place to anchor them, and then hold on for dear life. LOL!


      Stephe ^@@^


      • LOL @ hold on for dear life


      • That was an amazing hot performance that Rain did with 2pm. I think 2pm did an awsome job with the routine but Rain still is the master of what he does. I actually am loving the hair so far. He wore it a little bit more curler than he did in the guerrilla date interview. But I like the color and both looks so far. I still do love his Ji=Woo hair though.


  5. i must give BIG PROPS to JYP for his words. words i have felt for such a very long time. JYP, G.O.D. and Rain are the foundation blocks for JYPE and it makes me happy to hear JYP acknowlege it.
    (i don’t think i’ve ever heard him say that before)
    i think JYP already made a “bundle”. that helped him spread out and expand. he’s a good song composure with a keen eye for seeing what others overlook (especially in Rain’s case) and he has helped to make a lot of dreams come true for young artiste but, without their willingness to work hard, train hard and stay focused they would not be successful, no matter what his efforts had been. so big props to them as well. Rain mentioned that he and JYP wanted to share a stage like this and finally they have. it was also nice of JYP to mention MBLAQ. (i’m rooting for those boys success)


  6. Nice job, 2PM. Let me give you props, Boys.

    Though I do miss SooBong and the Men. *sigh* Just can’t help it!

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Ok it’s official….not loving the new “do”, at least not the “poodle poof”…..but hey re-invention is a good thing! So it’s all good………..


  8. Shake that Ass?!…Oh OK Baby Boy!….Well “SHAKE IT FAST” then. Show ME whatcha workin’ with! (BIG SMILES)


  9. amazing rain & 2pm NichKhun @.@ yumma OMG!! that is so cool He was on fire!!
    i am get hot HAOT HOT HOT!!
    in this perforamce OMG!! could u see this it a dream come true lord hear……………..!!
    legendary beast and beast together on the stage
    yes i rember he said he wanted to have a concert with JYP now rain suprise with an EXCITED of the stage
    i am proud to see them dance together in one stage and also rain told JYP boy… shake that ass shake that ass…. Lol….
    ahahhaah rain u are so cool i wanted to se emore of this fancame pleas keep it coming that was one heck of defeaning STROM that everbody crying for GO RAIN & 2PM, oh yeah babe SAHE THAT AS…………….. GO GO GO!! :P)
    and that is one family reuion as well i am so prouds that hit and about time to see this satge i mean WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!


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