[announcement] My heavens! What are those two clowns up to NOW?

Just look at ’em.  Skulking around and all up into something surreptitious.  What the heck is Team Bong Cloud USA up to now?  Poster Pop Quiz is over… Rain’s Christmas Box is safely at Incheon Airport in S. Korea, awaiting a customs check… what could it be…

OH.  Oh, yeah!

The media blog’s 10,000th comment has been made!

And here is what she said, back on December 6, at 3:58 pm, under the Bi Yourself Open ThreadSubs for episode 19 are up!!! Sighhhh only one left 😦

She was actually trying to help out other Rain Clouds at the time.  Very cool.

A BIG thumbs up to our Runners Up as well.  Good show, ladies!

#9995 BiAlamode
#9996 busybee 1982
#9997 newcloud
#9998 laura
#9999 divalcious

#10,001 kongsao
#10,002 isilvalie
#10,003 BiAlamode
#10,004 aprilshowers07
#10,005 Jessica Kerr

THE PRIZE:  Well, Mari, you have your choice of… A) an exquisite Rain double-sided Nature Republic poster, OR B) a brand new copy of The Fugitive: Plan B original soundtrack that came out back in the fall.  Please e-mail your choice and your snail mail address to letitrain@cloudusa.org so that we can send your prize.

Stay tuned for more fun giveaways after we bulldoze headlong into 2011, dear peeps.  You never know when your own personal “James Bong” and “WongFu” will suddenly get the itch… 😀

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}


The Fugitive: Plan B OST, with MBLAQ & other artists


Rain double-sided Nature Republic poster, from Shanghai

~ by Cloud USA on December 20, 2010.

18 Responses to “[announcement] My heavens! What are those two clowns up to NOW?”

  1. Jihoon looks so loveable in these pictures.


  2. Marisara Chukhahaeyo!!!!!


  3. @stephe &terri
    ahahhahah u guys!! craking me up on that first pict here
    u know i am rollong of my chair and saying hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what r these 2 are up to next?? 🙂


  4. OH HALILUYA!! 🙂
    u are the best commer and making all of us happy with your reading u have make into the blog again my dear that goos show of u keep it up !!
    felicité a los u mantenerlo!!!
    now tell me which one are speeeeecchhleeeeeeeeesssssssssss more NATURE REPUBLIC or Fugitive i think i know which one !! ahahha


  5. Congrats Mari!


  6. Congrats Mari! Kimchi Fighting! ^.^


  7. congrats!!!!


  8. Congrats Mari (poster)! I’m so excited for you (poster)! (Can you tell I think you should pick the poster?) YAY!


  9. Well congrats Mari! That’s really cool… 🙂
    I see that I’m going to have to step up my game! Lol just kidding… If I did that, you guys would be at my figurative door with e-pitchforks and e-torches yelling out, “SHUT UPPP!!!”…


  10. congratualtions Marisara! i know you’ll enjoy you prize.

    i can’t believe i even made it on a list, hahaha. i’m surprised.


  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Feels like I won the lottery!!! Gezzz, I never win anything sooo it seems like Rain gave me some luck!!! I will send my email soon. I laugh so hard with that pic of Team Bong. You ladies are crazy!!! LOL!! Looooveee Rain’s cuteness in that pic. Awwwww!!! with flowers and that killer smile. Argh!!! I hit the jackpot!!!!:D


  12. congrats, y’all!!! 😉


  13. congrats


  14. Always a “bridesmaid”, never a “bride” (*Sigh*)……(SMILES)
    Congratulations, Mari…..good show!


  15. Congratulations Marisara! Way to blog, girl!


  16. Congrats Marisara!!!!!!


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