May 2010: Ninja Assassin trailer nominated for a Golden Trailer in L.A.

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[Cloud USA] Oh, my.  Everyone across the Rain Blog-o-sphere was SO distracted by the Time 100 voting, Rain’s Biggest Badass nomination, and the 2010 MTV Movie Awards where he won the Badass title, that we all completely missed this.

Back in May 2010 (around the same time we were immersed in voting), official NINJA ASSASSIN TV trailer “Blood” was nominated for a 2010 Golden Trailer Award for Best Graphics TV Spot, against the movies Sherlock Holmes, Wolverine, and 500 Days of Summer.  Stiff competition indeed.  This was no joke.  The Golden Trailer Awards honors the BEST in motion picture previews every year in the U.S., and around 61 trailers were nominated in various categories for 2010.  Wow.

And at the 11th annual 2010 Golden Trailer Awards ceremony at the El-Rey Theater in L.A. on June 10, 2010 (mere days after Rain’s MTV win, when we were still reeling from that), the winners were revealed.  NINJA ASSASSIN lost to Sherlock Holmes’ very cool entry, but that’s okay because, frankly, it’s such a thrill that NA drew that kind of attention in the first place.

Honestly, we couldn’t be more proud.

Good show, JiHoon!  Did you even know about it? 😀

» The 11th Annual Golden Trailer Awards home page is HERE.

» The GTA Ninja Assassin TV Spot page is HERE. “Warning… only one ninja was harmed during the making of this film.  The rest of them were killed.”  Hahaha.  Love that video.

Thanks to the people at Trailer Park for making such a terrific trailer for Raizo.  You can also see » Ninja Assassin’s full theatrical trailer on the Trailer Park site HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “May 2010: Ninja Assassin trailer nominated for a Golden Trailer in L.A.”

  1. WOW! I bet Jihoon’s happy. I know i am.


  2. […] May 2010: Ninja Assassin trailer nominated for a Golden Trailer in L.A.  Image courtesy of […]


  3. oh wowowo this so AWESOME & COOL
    OMG!! rain should be so proud of this film
    this very such an honor of rain pursuit this fliming gosh i think he should see this his clap will be clap again ahahha :0 yes i was too terri
    but u know i vote like crazy when we vote for him this is a WELL DERSVED for him wowo jjust wowowo!!
    let make this happen more inspire of this the better is get thje popular rain can be in U.S. see yall! rain isn”t nobody he is a trailer real actor here !!


  4. I’m glad you caught this, Stephe.

    What a great honor for Trailer Park and Ninja Assassin!

    We were terribly exhausted during that time after the Time 100 and the MTV Movie Awards, so it’s no surprise to me that we missed this completely.

    There may be even more items lurking out there. *going to Google now…*

    Terri :-}


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