[fan cam] “Because of You” at LoR Taiwan.

Community member Marisara posted this piece of Legend of Rainism goodness in the Cloud USA forum this week.  And although my favorite BoY performance was at LoR Saitama, and Terri’s was at LoR Seoul, this right here, from January 30th, is definitely a study in just how fluidly Rain can move his body (even fully clothed).

Watching it, I get the feeling he was really hyped up with it being the last show of the tour (until Yoyogi, that is).  He seems to be going for broke, from start to finish.  Hahaha!

“Yesss-aah, baby…”  Enjoy.

— Stephe ^@@^

2010.1.30 Legend of Rainism in Taiwan – Because of you.  (courtesy of miyupy @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “[fan cam] “Because of You” at LoR Taiwan.”

  1. sexy, sexy, sexy!


  2. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!! Thanks for posting this video in the blog!! I thought that I already saw all the good ones but when I found this vid. it just blew me away. Miyupi did a great job and it deserved to be shown in a place where is appreciated. There were no comments in YT for this video and is a shame coz is marvelous. I mean, you can’t stop watching it!! To me this vid is a voyage thru Rain’s sensuality. That coreography is specially made for women. Every move is made with fluidity, precision and enough sensuality so you are entice with it. That end is priceless and left you speechless. I know I was!!! We should send this video to the man that is studying Korean sexuality coz this is a jewel!!!


    • thanks mari…..i just watched a special of Rain on KBS (don’t know when it was done). but he was talking about his dancing while different clips of him performing was being shown,.

      Rain said he has been dancing since he was 16 and at first he was dancing to the beat of the music. he said that when you do that then dancing becomes work and so he chose to dance his feelings to the music. THIS VID SURELY SHOWS ME JUST WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT>

      another thing is the very first time i heard this song was on a site called “ameen” (it’s no longer active), but i swear i felt like i was being caressed by this man’s silky smooth voice and went back over and over again, just to listen. so now, we get to see how he feels about this music. LOOKS LIKE HE MIGHT WANTA BE STARTIN SOMETHING!!! i bet those women zoooooomed to cloud 9 watching that goodness on stage. great performance.


  3. I love this… He is always SEXY and HOT, but with the hat and trench coach he looks so COOL. His masculinity just oozes… 😀


  4. So Hott!!!!! Love to see him walk away and wag his tail,LOL!!!!


  5. I LOVE the way he touches his hat. WTH? OMG.

    Stephe ^@@^


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