Close Up video: Ninja Assassin Blu-Ray Steelbook and movie review.

An Australian Steelbook aficionado reviews all of the cover art of the German edition of the NINJA ASSASSIN Blu-Ray Steelbook, and tells you what to expect in the movie in this interesting video.  Save for a few minor points, the guy was pretty darned pleased.  A big thumbs up. 😀

I would LOVE to have one of these.

A “SteelBook Case” is similar in shape to a keep case, but its material is metal. The SteelBook case is patent and design protected and exclusively sold by the Danish company Scanavo. Products such as DVD packages fall under it. Steelbook is a trademark protected by the Danish company Glud & Marstrand A/S. — Wikipedia, Optical disc packaging

— Stephe ^@@^

Blu Ray Steelbook – Ninja Assassin “CLOSE UP”.  (credit and edit: steelbookaddiction @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 17, 2010.

10 Responses to “Close Up video: Ninja Assassin Blu-Ray Steelbook and movie review.”

  1. I was so happy when I got Jihoon’s new movie. I was jumping for joy.


  2. He was so happy when he opened the case and saw Rains face with the bloody sword, lol.

    Kinda like me when I got the Blu Ray of NA. Except I was thinking…dang who is this hot guy in this movie and why don’t I know about him.

    You know the US should think about doing covers like this, very nice.


  3. OMG!!
    i never see a DVD that so COOL like this one rrugggg to late to get my DVD as nornal dis ahahahh but i like the way it have the awesome layoutn of train NINJA ASSASSIN that was very so cool they even have his full face inside the cover as well… rain very give such a KICK ASS…………..!! in this NA and i have to give him a prop for this HOLLYWOOD the guy pull it together so well done regradless he more typecase and alot trating for 8 moth that it blown to U.S.
    amd his imspiration of NA differntly get it going dran right our rain is the best hollywood star i mean they should work with rain more project i know he can trult betray his character as INDEED!!

    THIS IS SO AWESOME rain should be appluse to his own film CONGRAT !! to u again they inspire NA more ahahah !! 🙂


  4. Wow, i didn’t know about this type of cover. It’s soo cool!! Ninja Assasin blow my mind when I saw it. Amazing movie. I love that they didn’t make it all action and that they give you time to understand why Raizo is the way he is. When he remembers you see what he went tru, his pain and sorrow and that makes a heroe much more human to the audience. I would love to see that romantic relationship between Mika and Raizo but I understand why they didn’t do it. It’s coz Raizo still have the memory of Kiriko fresh in his mind and heart. He still feels guilty for her dead. At the end of the movie I think he loves Mika but she is hurt and he wants to destroy the clans so she can’t go with him. I think Rain is going to do NA part 2 but not yet. Probably after his military service. I really hope I am wrong.


  5. Fanboy much? kekeke…..very entertaining video ^.^


  6. @flower, yeah, me too. i am hoping that maybe in the future Rain and McTeigh will get back together for maybe a NA 2, 3 or for how ever many it takes for the entire 9 clans to be revealed.

    yep, wishful thinking for me too.


  7. wow, that was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool. he sounded like i did when i was telling folks about this moving. super nice Steelbook where you see Rain’s full face. (didn’t get that on the copies i bought here in the US).

    thanks for sharing.


  8. Well he got that one right. Great movie. I have the digial copy and the blue ray copy. Now it’s vewing on Cinimax and when I channeling surfing I see it on I can’t help but stop what I am doing and watch it again and again. I with you flower I wish he would make part 2. It’s just not going to right if they make part 2 without Rain. We can hopfully look forward to what ever Rain’s next movie is. I personally don’t care what it is and I am sure the rest of the Clouds feel the same way.


  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by miki, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: Close Up video: Ninja Assassin Blu-Ray Steelbook and movie review. #Rain […]


  10. @Stephe thanks for posting this. I have never heard of this type of DVD cover before. I think this is really unique and cool. That guy excitment was just like mine was. I was so blown away with this movie when I first saw it. I remember walking around for days playing scenes over and over in my head. I still cannot get that one scene out of my mind. The one were he calls her name “Mika, Mika”. The way he saids her name was so hot and still is. Rain was so awsome. I really wish they made a Ninja Assasin 2. I know that probably want happen but it waould be awsome if it did.


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