[tweet] Rain gearing up for Adieu.

By: J.Tune Camp @Twitter

On: 12/14/2010

English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.

— ^@@^

안 녕하세요 제이튠캠프입니다.요새 근황을 좀 말씀드리자면 지훈씨는 드라마 종영후 연말 콘서트 연습에 박차를 가하고 있고 엠블랙은 다음달 출시되는 정규1집 마무리 작업 단계에 있답니다.팬여러분들 항상 관심 가져주셔서 감사합니다.추운겨울 감기 조심하세요!

Hi, this is J.Tune Camp.

Let me tell you how Rain is getting along. Rain has been gearing up to prepare for his year-end concert since his drama went off the air. MBLAQ is in the final stage of completing their first regular album to be released next month.

Thank you for all your support and interest in us.

It’s cold outside these days. Please be careful not to catch a cold!

~ by Cloud USA on December 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “[tweet] Rain gearing up for Adieu.”

  1. Ok ok. I will buy a camera to take fancams for you guys.


  2. Both MBLAQ and SS501’s Park Jung Min releasing albums in January 2011? January, hurry up and get here! I’m excited about both albums and can’t wait to purchase them!

    I’m also looking forward to Rain’s year-end concert via clips of it being shown here since I can’t go to South Korea and see him in person.

    Thanks for a wonderful year, Rain! I wish you a successful, happy, healthy and safe 2011! And I also wish MBLAQ, SS501 (and individual members JungMin, HyungJun, YoungSaeng, KyuJong and HyunJoong as they embark on their solo activities – come back together soon, sweethearts, I miss you!), U-KISS and Super Junior a successful, happy, healthy and safe 2011 too! I love you all!

    I love you, Rain!


  3. I too wish that I can see Jihoon’s last performance it will be off the hook.


  4. *sigh* I wish I could attend for ADIEU 2010 with Rain..
    hmmm hopefully cameras will be allowed to taken inside 😀
    Btw, I liked your heading … a lot (Y)


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