[Cloud USA] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 12/16-12/21.

(2005, when the Rainy Day Tour hit Beijing…)

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» The 2010 Beanie Awards, sponsored by Dramabeans.  1.FAVORITE DRAMA SERIES OF 2010:  RUNAWAY PLAN B: Wild pan-Asian goose chase with hot guys   2.FAVORITE COMEDIC DRAMA:  RUNAWAY PLAN B: Rain + Lee Jung-jin + handcuffs = heaven.   4. FAVORITE ACTION OR MELODRAMA SERIES:  RUNAWAY PLAN B: Vicarious running! My workout is complete.  7.BEST KISS:  RUNAWAY: Kissing his butt, literally   9.FAVORITE CHARACTER: Ji-woo: “Lady pirst!”   12. FAVORITE BROMANCE :RUNAWAY PLAN B’s Ji-woo & Do-soo: best use of handcuffs…ever. 16. UNDERRATED DRAMA : RUNAWAY PLAN B)

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Fugitive prize posters for all Poster Pop Quiz winners will be mailed this week.  And do stay tuned for an update on the mailing of our Christmas Box to Rain.  ‘Til the morrow… 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

[*ETA 12/20: Actually, this is Christmas week, everybody.  Terri’s work schedule has changed, and she also has a lot of family activities.  She will be mailing the Pop Quiz posters the Monday after Christmas (which is this Saturday).  Jeanie, we still don’t have your home address—please email us.  Everyone else, you’re good.  Thanks!]

~ by Cloud USA on December 16, 2010.

16 Responses to “[Cloud USA] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 12/16-12/21.”

  1. @ stephe
    See… I didn’t know that unni was a term a girl would use. That makes what he said even more hilarious. Rain is really silly.

    @ Mari
    I really get the vibe from this show as well as other videos I’ve seen Rain and Hyori on that there was something going on with them at some point. They just have this aura or something that they give off, ya know?? I don’t know… maybe it’s just me? They are really funny and cute together, though. You should definitely watch the whole show if u haven’t seen it already. The whole thing is good.


  2. I came across this tonight and thought I’d share. I’d forgotten how funny this episode of Happy Together was. Rain is really funny, relaxed and (mostly) candid seeming with them.
    I’m going to have to watch the whole show again, actually. I saw it early on, close to when I first discovered Rain. Now that I’ve learned more about Korean culture and watched even more videos, a lot of the things they say and allude to make more sense.

    Definitely a must watch for anyone that hasn’t seen it already.


    • LOL @
      Rain calling Hyori “unni”…
      And the whole bit about the scandal and Rain being “upset”.


      • Rain calling Hyori “unni”…

        I know! LMAO! He is freakin’ hilarious.

        Stephe ^@@^


        • Lol… Isn’t he?? I was cracking up at this whole show. I also love the part on this clip where they’re talking about how affectionate Rain gets when he’s drunk and Hyori asks why he doesn’t touch her when they drink together. Ha!


          • Well, just come on out and say what you “really want him to do…..Mzzz Hyori”……don’t be shame, girl. Lord, knows you are hardly SHY!


          • What’s “unni”? I need to know what is that to understand the joke. LOL What really crack me up was when he said that he likes girls. Awwwww!!! He said it so candidly like a little boy when he gets teased at school. Also, He was soo polite when they asked if he liked any girl band in particular and he said he liked all of them. Hyori made me laugh soo hard when Rain said that he gets afeccionate when he drinks and she said then why he didn’t touch her. Ohhh, to me that says a lot!!! But then he said that he would save her if she was drowning. Was he polite or is something else? What’s going on with them? Food for thought!! Joon cracked me up when he said that people thought he was Rain and he actually sign an autograph once. LOL!!!!


            • Hi, mari.

              There are two names that a person uses to casually call someone older sister (big sister): “Unni,” and “noon-ah.” Girls and younger women call an older sister “unni.” Boys and younger men call an older sister “noon-ah.” (An older sister can be a blood relative or NOT — the main thing is that she is indeed older than you, and the two of you are emotionally close enough to where she gives you the honor of calling her that.)

              The funny thing about the Rain/Hyori conversation was that Rain was talking to her as if he were a younger GIRL rather than a younger MAN. He called her unni instead of noon-ah and totally threw his manhood out the window, so to speak, and did it on television on top of that. He’s so silly. LOL

              (Likewise: Younger women call older men/big brothers/protectors “oppa,” while younger men call older men/big brothers “hyung.” You would never hear a girl use hyung or a boy use oppa.)

              Some examples: Back at the end of May, at his mini fanmeet outside after his last comeback stage, Rain told all of the Clouds who had gathered to see him, “Oppa Rain is tired.” And when Hyori arrived on the KB Card/Leather Style set, to film their CF back in early 2008, Rain came around a corner, saw that she finally made it there, waved at her and called out, “Noon-ah!”

              Hope this helps. (Sometimes I respectfully call Terri “unni” during conversation because she’s a year older than me, and my best friend.)

              Stephe ^@@^


        • Thanks Stephe for the info. Very helpful!! Now I understand why later he declared that he liked girls!! ROFL!!!


  3. OMG!!!! how can one man be so hot and have so much sexyness just dripping off of him. Everywhere he goes he just leaves puddles of sexyness on the floor. Right now I need to pick myself up from off the floor.


  4. Stephe you are killing me!!! Hot, hot, hot squeak!!!!!


  5. I would not mind being on that .


  6. I have never wanted to be a belt buckle but now… 😉


  7. YAY! Rain sexy picture! I need this picture with a big red bow on it! That would be my Christmas present! Or….Rain can just visit Las Vegas for the holiday… ;0)


  8. You guys are really pulling out some heart-stopping pictures lately!


  9. LORG OH MERCY !!@_@
    i just knock myself of sqeeeeezeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    i need CPR !! O__O


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