Rain about town #7. But where?

Could this be a new Rain display at » Lotte Star Avenue in Seoul, perhaps?  The reason I think this is because it resembles his Star Avenue windows and displays from 2009, and from earlier this year as well.

In any case, this LARGE display and others like it are one reason that, when I do visit Seoul in the future, the Lotte Department Mall and Lotte Star Avenue will be on my agenda without fail.  Do or die.

— Stephe ^@@^

Rain Lotte Photo Making.MOV.  (courtesy of sanlybi @YT / source site: rain-cloud)

°     °     °

Let’s check out some Rain at Star Avenue, shall we?

Lotte Star Avenue Film.wmv.  From 2009… when Rain said, “Touch me.”  (courtesy of sanlybi @YT)

Rain [Bi] ROTTE STAR AVENUE.  And from 2010.  JiHoon the Magician.  (courtesy of SIROK03 @YT)

明洞 Lotte Department Store – Star Avenue – Rain. (courtesy of shirleyyswong @YT)

Lotte Star Avenue~通路.  Just walk right in and start spazzing.  (courtesy of NUN218 @YT)

LOTTE WORLD STAR AVENUE-東方神起-.  A quick glance at DBSK/TVXQ’s amazing window from last year.  Of course, now they’ve updated things with newer footage of the JYJ trio.  (courtesy of tsulee04s @YT)

°     °     °

Rain and his fellow Lotte spokesmodel celebs help open Star Avenue in June 2009.

090630 Lotte Star Avenue Opening ceremony[My Daily News].  (credit: MyDaily / courtesy of happyyouyou1 @YT)

[ Fancam]30-6-2009 Rain BI on star lotte world AVENUE.  (courtesy of raineyes82 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Rain about town #7. But where?”

  1. @ Cecilia
    Yeah they’d have to arrest me for loitering and trespassing because I would just be standing there… and standing there… and pressing the “touch me” button… and pressing it. Looking a hot, crazy mess.


  2. Ok that’s it I am moving there!! My new address is going to be Star Avenue. If I found Rain in a big screen like that I may never leave the place. I will be staring at him day and night. 😀


  3. Lol @ the 2nd vid… when he’s walking around and around and he turns to the side, his but is like POW!
    Num num num!


  4. I think I asked this before but Lotte is a department store correct? They sell items where you do not have to pay taxes on it, every thing is duty free(no taxes). Rain has been a model for them for a couple of years advertising stuff for them, correct?

    I loved all the videos, Rain looked hot.


  5. Can you imagine seeing Rain like this in the US, or anywhere and at your local mall. I would go there everyday just to stare at him, lol.


  6. as for me anything look dran good on rain but my farviote is the first viid as rain just breath taking he look so good and hansome rain been work for Lotte Duty quite long for them i hope they are give him such a treat i mean what else he could sale and endusere it his body and look got to hired agahahah!!!
    anyway i very love rain in 2009 Lotte Star Avenue his look so perfect his body his hair i love and he more mature i love to see his blubed ahah and that look very make think him back in his day French Alp !! his 6to5 i miss it i could even order anything from their sent it move ahahah but dran u know rain everywhere he eye on him instead akakak 🙂


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