[fan made] Rock with you.

A totally FUN and entertaining fan video of many of Rain’s earlier projects, appearances, and rehearsals, set to his idol Michael Jackson’s “We’re Almost There,” and “Rock With You” live.  Ahhh… so great! 🙂


— Stephe ^@@^

Bi Rain Fanmade “Rock with you”.  (courtesy of sonnakotoaruka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “[fan made] Rock with you.”

  1. Awsome video, I really loved it. Yes it is nice to see how far rain has come.


  2. Loved it! That part in the grocery store when he hits his hand is too cute lol.


  3. MY this was totally a leagcy of of rain trubute of MJ dance that was complete of his comliation of MJ footage dacer ever gos knowing rain who have such a hight task of his idmire odil who bring the core to remeber of him everytime he have his concert forst thing he do it beanie jean dance i love the fact rain keep them remind in leacgy as life!!
    as for jung Ji hoon who are such a dancer we are so prouds that he not scare to bring to republic but who care talked to it as well. i very think rain have such a thoughtful full minded and heart of any kind!! this was very such an appreciated him to MJ he can see their is somone keep him happy and contiune to be his spirit known!. his perforam very SHOCK the world by wowow of rain and give him a full clap that why alot R&B like Uhser, Omianio, ect… have Ft Mv with song am belive me if he have such more exposer in US CD and LIve perform rain will
    number #1 HOT ISSUE
    and i will collect all thawt Mag & Cd of rain u know the guy very talen INDEED!! he can make it i belive in rain..
    this was very touch vid to MJ and i know rain will so please to see how much we love him so much!


  4. This was a walk down memory lane. good to see how far JungJi Hoon has come as Bi to the world. Mj will always be a pos’ inspiration to us entertainers and people who appreciate them, alike. I miss MjJackson. glad there are performers like Bi around who admired and keep his legacy going. providing good music – acting – dance charity, protect kits and harolder of peace. Hope that army stint goes well for you Bi wht you produce after that experience will be something to see, can’t wait. I’m 검정 비 aka 까만 공주 black princess 평화.


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