[announcement] And… drumroll, please! The winners of the first Cloud USA Poster Pop Quiz are…

1. Grand Prize Winner of both the KBSWORLDi Fugitive Poster and the Nature Republic double-sided Poster from Shanghai:  h k (doctorposh)  Grade 110%: 100% plus 10 pts. for the correct extra credit answer

And the KBSWORLDi Fugitive Poster winners (in order of place):

2. Jeanie (jkokawa)  

3. jelyba

4. Marisara

5. StormofStarzz

6. divalcious

7. Gee

8. kongsao

9. cecilia185

10. mdwomack704

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!  No one totally bombed out; everybody made a decent showing of it, so pat yourselves on the back.  Boy, after our second call-to-enter and pop quiz extension, quizzes piled in, and so we had to take our time and be very careful in grading all of your “papers.”  Being completely fair was the most important thing.

So, winners — please e-mail your snail mail addresses to us at letitrain@cloudusa.org, so that we can ship your posters out to you right away.

And now… for The Answers:

1. What kind of motorcycle did Rain drive in Cebu (the yellow one)?  A Yamaha R6. In Episode 7, he also drove another R6, a white and red one.

2. What two important things did Jin-Yi take with her when she ran from her first pursuers?  Her kitty and her ring.

3. Where was the fight scene on the flatbed truck filmed and who was fighting?  Kobe, Japan.  However: Everyone who said JAPAN got credit because we messed up and didn’t specify that we wanted the city.

4. What did Rain film in Yokohama, Japan, that had absolutely nothing to do with The Fugitive: Plan B?  An SK-W Phone CF, specifically the commercial for the new W900 Aura phone. “Hello… good morning…”

5. Where was Rain when he was attacked by Kieko’s father’s men, and what did he use as a weapon?  In Tokyo, at Saitama Super Arena.  His bare hands, feet, costume rack and hairspray… and on stage, his jacket. Any combination of the correct items was acceptable.

6. The Fugitive: Plan B was filmed in 7 major Asian cities.  What were they?  Seoul in Korea, Macao and Beijing and Shanghai in China, Manila in the Philippines, and Osaka and Tokyo in Japan.  Check the trailer below.

7. As of Episode 8, how many times had Jin-Yi slapped Ji-Woo?  5 times:  2 x on boat, 2 x @ end of Ep 5 and 1 x at end of Ep 6. But she has also headbutted him once (at Kai’s house), kneed him in the groin once (in her hotel room), hit him on the top of the head with a pipe once and on the hand once (in her hotel room), smacked his butt 4 times (during the butt in her face chase scene) and kicked him in the shin once (right bef’ore everyone went to Macau.).  Geez, that girl was violent.  He was also slapped by his “chagiya” once.  Just so you know.  So, Ji-Woo was actually “slapped” 6 times, but 1 x by the first girl.

8. How many times did Ji-Woo shoot Do-Soo AND how many bullets did he use?  Do-Soo was shot 4 times, and Ji-Woo used 4 bullets: 1 bullet in the first incident and 3 bullets in the 2nd incident.

9. Where were Kevin and Ji-Woo going to vacation after their next job in China?  The Bahamas.

10. What is Ji-Woo’s last name?  It was never revealed! NOTE: Even though he was called Detective Ji a couple of times, and Do-Soo was called Detective Do once or twice, that was more a cultural thing involving their whole first names, not their legal last names.  The hyphen that is sometimes used in Romanization is a dead giveaway that Ji-Woo (and Do-Soo) are two syllables of one first name.  And we could SWEAR that early on, someone somewhere listed Do-Soo’s true last name, though we can’t find it now for the life of us.  (Jin-Yi’s last name certainly isn’t “Jin” or “Yi.”)

11. Extra credit question for extra poster:  What was the name on Ji-Woo’s fake passport and what connection does it have with the K-Pop world?  “Kim Tae-Woo”, which is the name of the velvet-voiced, ultra-tall singer of legendary K-Pop group G.o.d. (지오디, Groove Over Dose). Tae-Woo and Rain have been close for many years, and in fact it was hyung Tae-Woo who immediately brought Rain bread to eat on one of his hungriest nights while training for JYP, before debut.

Well, community members, that’s a wrap!  We hope you all had fun.  Until the next pop quiz…

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on December 10, 2010.

13 Responses to “[announcement] And… drumroll, please! The winners of the first Cloud USA Poster Pop Quiz are…”

  1. Congrates to all winners! Side note: winners 1 -5 copied off my paper! (What? I had to try something to get them disqualified!) LOL!!!!


  2. Congrates to all! This was such FUN! Thanks to Terri and Stephe ^.^


  3. [Notice]

    Please note that the posters will be sent out AFTER the Christmas Box project has been COMPLETED.

    Thank you for your patience. :-}

    Terri :-}


  4. Yay to all the winners! 🙂


  5. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i luv luv LUV u girls!! am going to check my mail ^_^ if only my grades were this good!


  6. Congrats to the winners. I missed out.


  7. @setphe
    please check your EMAIL
    i have sent u 2 emil 2 different thing and on the other one CAN U HELP ME THAT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


  8. I miss this quiz 😦


  9. yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    I CAN”T WAIT TO GET THIS POSTER hand up for my applause and to all the rest win this yahooooooooooooooo!! i been wanted this poster so much
    oh stephe u differnly give full heart of fuilter ahahhaah ya!!
    i am email my adress now!!
    @STEPHE z& TERRI !! 🙂


  10. Yes!!!!!!!!! That’s the poster I really wanted with all the main characters of Fugitive. Yey!!!! Happy dance!!!


  11. Congrats to the winnners XD


  12. Oh yay! I’m so excited! Congrats to everyone who won! 🙂


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