Word on the street: Rain continuously receives attention from Hollywood.

"Give me a break!"

First of all:  We know this, J.Tune, so thanks, it’s nice of you to confirm it.  Thank you.

Secondly:  So why did you have to deflate us so badly with that Big Denial the other day, just as we finally saw a light at the end of the LONG tunnel between us and JiHoon?  Nobody named a Hollywood movie — the media said, Rain said he’ll be doing a “Hollywood movie.” And Rain said, I’ll be doing a “Hollywood movie.” And then you piped up, That is so absurd that we are speechless.

And now here is your rep saying (and I paraphrase), Well yes, Rain’ll be in a Hollywood movie. Which is all anybody said to begin with.


— Stephe ^@@^

TV Edaily 12/9/2010 —

Singer and actor Rain has continuously received attention from Hollywood.

An official from his agent ‘J.Tune Entertainment’ told TV Edaily in a telephone conversation on the 9th, “Rain said that he would appear in a Hollywood movie before entering the army, but he has not decided to say yes to any movie. It is true that he is worried about which movie to choose as he has had many movie roles offered to him from Hollywood recently, but any movie has not been definitely decided yet.”

credit to TV Edaily http://news.nate.com/view/20101209n12160

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


And while we’re still in J.Tune’s front yard… ^@@^

TV Edaily 12/10/2010 —

Rain can’t attend any of the end-of-year awards ceremonies due to preparation for his New Year’s Eve concert.

According to Rain’s agent ‘J.Tune Entertainment’ on the 9th, “There is a rumor that Rain’ll exclusively attend the Song Festival to be hosted by SBS TV, but the rumor is groundless. He’ll probably skip all the awards ceremonies at the end of this year, because he is scheduled for his concert on the 31st of this month.

Since his drama has gone off the air, he has no special plans for now, so he tries to pay attention only to his concert, practicing hard to show an impeccable performance to his fans.”

credit to TV Edaily http://news.nate.com/view/20101209n11400?mid=e0101

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

~ by Cloud USA on December 9, 2010.

12 Responses to “Word on the street: Rain continuously receives attention from Hollywood.”

  1. WHAT Jihoon is planing to go into the army. WHY! And for how long? I know that I will miss Jihoon. When join be safe and come home safe to.


  2. I really hope that when his contract with them expires Rain gets the best representation he can find. I mean, he works sooo darn hard and he deserves a team of excellent people that can back him up in whatever project he wants to work. I believe he is preparing himself for when he finish military service. After that Rain is gonna be free to do what he wish and that is to be the best performer in the world. I truly believe he can do it. It’s just a matter of time.


    • Hear, hear, Mari!

      If he wants to make it big here in The States, then he’s going to have to do some real hard thinking about his next management company.

      Terri :-}


  3. Yeah I get the feeling too that Jtune doesn’t know their a@$es from their elbows. They seem to b the most backward star representation ever. How is it that u can contradict ur main client and then have to scramble to fix it? How can u allow that crappy Rain website to continue to b crappy? There’s stuff on there that’s not been updated in forever. Shame on u, Jtune. I mean, really!


  4. I agree I too want to see more of Rain in the US. I feel something has to be done to get him more porjects in the US. I feel that maybe all that could be done is not being done. I hope that Rain accomplish all that he wants to.


  5. Jtune … < oh i fell so selffish
    here u know what am saying !! 😦


  6. yes JTUNE why are u keep rain spirit away from the US> i mean common he may not speak that good english at your END!! but heck what that not the answer !! the answer rain can do such many thing in US, as he can do here in S>korean
    now i question you this why is rain can or could work more into US. is that why he so low and not much knowing about rain what until the show up in a movie or somthing??
    u know what rain very wanted??
    he said that he wanted to be in both world rain love to work with US and give us such a production too u know that why is u give him the open dorr??
    well i feel abunded our that coz, rain could be better then this and then everytime they try to offer rain good thing something come up across his scheduel i hate that the most this guy wanted to his life over to and fans that me and oher to know that their is a fans in uS that suporting all the way of a break let the guy have a free world whiches he free yeah, but nothing like i see from US. i am asking of Jtune can have have more contrack then just a movies i very wanted him to be a model, singer, actor, ect… here in US as well and i know rain does wanted that dream project he wanted to be do for !!


  7. I don’t get how JTUNE does business. It’s almost as if they don’t Really want Ji-Hoon to focus on U.S. projects. It feels, at times, that Korea wants to Keep him for Korea. It’s like they feel our heightened enthusiam, but try to “squash it” by purposefully not being forthcoming. However, they know we are not going away, so they feel compelled to At Least acknowledge our presence in some small way. I am usually pretty good at judging situations, but I don’t get them At All! From where I sit they are not serving him well at this point in his career.

    To me, if Ji-Hoon is to stay in the “U.S. consciousness,” (not just Cloud consciousness or UNconsciousness…Smiles), he SO should have done some other U.S. project by now. For the life of me I don’t understand why they did not maximize the steam Ninja Assassin created, cause it wasn’t just Clouds watching him at that time. I do and I don’t understand. I know he had previous obligations, but as an Agent (working for the Star in question) I would have tried my level best to convince him to do some small U.S. project or at least authorize, in some way, something musical that could keep him out there. I understand there’s “red tape” that happens between his overseas agency representatives and his William Morris reps, but it just feels like someone’s not working hard enough on his behalf. Or maybe, they’re being “Rain Snobs” and trying to get him to keep his interests in Korea.


    • J.Tune may not manage his US projects. Could be why they are out of the loop.


      • The William Morris Agency is his representative in the U.S. I’ve become aware that there has to be some coordination between his agencies in Korea and the U.S. I just feel there needs to be more effort on the Korean end to Actually get him to the place where he can get more U.S. projects. Stephe mentioned in the past that William Morris Agency may indeed be sending U.S. offers to Rain, but it could be Anybody at JTUNE “fielding these offers.” He could be offered the “dream project of a lifetime” and may never see it. So I question, JTUNE’s true intentions regarding Ji-Hoon.


    • …although, Bi, I can certainly understand them wanting to keep him all to themselves. Selfish though it may be; he is worth being selfish with. But I want to see me some Ji-Hoon on US soil!!! 😉


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