Revisiting: Rain’s Summer 2009 Six To Five book signings.

This has always been one of our favorite fan-mades ever, because he’d worked so hard for Six To Five, he was preparing for the start of Legend of Rainism in August, he looked so darned adorable, and “My Girl” was the perfect song for such a precious video.

Look back on this with us… and enjoy it. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

Rain Bi – A Book Signing With Rain 2009.flv.  (courtesy of minhgarung @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Revisiting: Rain’s Summer 2009 Six To Five book signings.”

  1. it is a wonderful video ……….. rain is a hard worker in clothes design . acting . singing ……. good luck


  2. Awww so cute! He looks so good here, love his hair like that. I especially love the part where he and the girl try to high five and she misses and he just stands there with his hand up and laughs. Adorable! Also love the hugging the baby part. He seems to always have to interact with kids. I know one day we’ll be saying how he seems to b the best dad.


  3. @flower
    unfortuanlly it server it not working and i belive Jtune have move it it have say anything about the laction and reopen yet so far i know i have order rain alot item from 6TO5 and they odering very reliable shipping to but it quite expansive of the shiiping ahahah i don”t care i did all the time!!
    i miss rain order here i could belive rain did so much for 6to5 who helping them for the desing the colths and even did 6to5 model in CEBU in Philippines and yet a 6to5 fanshion concert too in DECEMBER 2009 !!
    it was the best i have ever see in it!! and Lee Dae Ha even help rain promo this as well i was so adimre rain and the all his job he done for this 6to5 !!
    he is truly a true model that i see in fortune life..
    i remeber rain so touch by many fans come suporting his new OPEN SHOP SIXTOFIVE !!
    see that he look so dran healthy their i very love his body build too, i was imspire rain not just have enduser sixtofive, Natrual republic, Lotte duty, these are come from his natrual look and so reveal of who rain are the body of him just to pecfet for everything among what he doing ahah


  4. Girl I look at that and think if I got the chance to meet him and he gave me a hug. Well all I can say is that, they would proably have to call security when I wouldn’t let go. (smile) short story, I got to meet Brad Pitt here in New Orleans about six months ago and in a very non formal setting. girls when that man ( I am a big fan of his not that I follow him like Rain) shook my hand I thought I was going to faint, my knees got weak. when I tell you he is so cute and eyes that can smelt you on the spot. Anyway I know I love Rain just as much if not more and if I met him, well they would have to carry my ass away. That video was too cute, thanks


  5. @Stephe, Terri or anyone:
    How is Rain clothing line doing? How many stores do he have open? Do he still have stores open? Do you know of anybody who have purchased his cloths? Vrey nice video and he look so good in this video.


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