Revisiting: Christmas Eve 2009 with Rain in Vegas.

Enjoy this terrific encore show fan cam from Legend of Rainism Las Vegas last year.  I never get tired of seeing it.

How about you? 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

[Fan cam] RAIN concert ENCORE at Caesars Collosseum live in Las Vegas 12/24/2009.  (courtesy of herelies @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2010.

10 Responses to “Revisiting: Christmas Eve 2009 with Rain in Vegas.”

  1. ahahah my farviote and live concert ever i could be i was actually their for his concert i am having so much fun watching rain perform and walk down his stage give the aduaince a handshak dran security would let rain touch anybody rrggg.
    anway i was so prouds for the 2 night rain have sucess his concert and i love when he ask us to say merry christmeas or happy new years ah i forget
    but he was say why so seriou??
    rain even ask 3 time everbody laughthing not sure rain tearing or he serious but nman i love every dance move and words out from him when he wet he look so delcious yummy and jucy !! :P)
    fresh women was the best one too rain play game along with his dancer look so fun and jelious ekkek 🙂
    it so nice they out the song LAST CHRISTMEAS for the ending and rain waying to all his aduiance very sweet of him. and i remember he ask as befor he song love is are u happy everybody shout yeah!! he even say been LONG TIME it time for rain world !1
    i was like ahahah rain sure know his .. and when he sing Handshake the gril say i love i even shoutout rain I LOVE YOU !!
    when it come to NOT A SINGLE DAY
    dam alot of SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMM !! oh yeah that was the most excited and best concert with rain and best experince of it !!


  2. I really enjoy watching him perform Fresh Woman. They always look like they’re just having fun and being silly when they do that song.


  3. @ MommieLyn I see you found Cloudusa, WELCOME! and I’m sorry didn’t know you were ill, but you’ll love it here we are a family. 😀


  4. I love how relaxed he is performing, I’ve never been to vegas but my brother says chistmas time is the worst cause nobody’s there, But I see they were for JiHoon 🙂 YOU GO BOO!


  5. I was there!!!…I remember!!!…such a great show…too bad he is not coming this year it would have been the third time but oh well next time he comes I’m so there!!!


  6. This was the night that my two children were there. The angle is about the same as they had. I wonder if the person shooting the video was next to them. I sent them to see the show as a thank you for helping me through these years of battling my illness. Ka’miko and KJ enjoyed every minute of the concert and brought me back a lot of goodies. ^_^


  7. Aghhh!!! Hair flying!!! *spazzing* I love when he starts to roll up his shirt’s sleeves. It gives me the impression that he is going to take it off soon. Sigh, I wish. 😀


  8. Hair flying!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Soooo sexy!!!! I looove when he starts to roll up his shirt’ sleeves!!!! Agh!!!!!


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