Rain check #2.

[Fan made]: Another Runaway/Fugitive parody cover every bit as beautiful and fun as the first one we saw.  Presenting…JiWooPolitan.  Haha!  Love this. 🙂 — ^@@^ (image: DC Inside / tip: scorpiola)


Images from Rain on YTN TV ENT News on November 30th.  Looks like the same interview was run on SBS TV ENT Morning News, the day before.  (images: DC)

~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rain check #2.”

  1. yeah differenly love this pict he look very mature amnly handsome alive guy on earth gosh it my best ever i even have this post on my blog as well ahahah they sure know my tase ekekek so perfect and so handsome they pict the traffic ahahah my i put my hand in that pocket and feel that frim buut too @_@ :P)


  2. The JiWoo Mag. is cute, But JiHoon so beautiful and this was morning? Now this I could wake up to. 😀


  3. Georgeous!!!! I wish it was for real here in the US. Sigh Then again, their lost coz I know clouds will buy tons of magazines just to see him. Ha!!!


  4. heck yeah who else jiwoo he is the HOTNESS GUY!!
    i would love to date and marry and sumit my appuication on duty with and also if possible i also would be his fulltime assisstant too well u know jiwoo look for an extra hand helper am here rain free all u need to do is post WANTED !!
    i asume that i will fly to korean ASAP!!
    gosh he look so handsome in that gray outfit this guy tone in everythjing bron to model HAWT, SEXY ISSUE !! :P)


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