[spoilers/Eng trans] Domanja check.

Since it’s coming down to the wire and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it…

Here are the previews for Runaway/Fugitive episode 19, from the end of episode 18.  They reveal quite a bit—JiWoo is in for a hard time, again.  He’s been bleeding a lot lately!  Yup. 🙂  — ^@@^

[HQ] [Eng trans] 101201 EP 19 Preview.  (Credit: KBS 2TV Fugitive Plan B home page / Courtesy of runawaydrama @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Yang Du Hee (old man) : This car isn’t going to the airport. Where are we going now? Hey!

Jinny (Lee Na Young) : It’s a time to use ‘Plan B’.

Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin) : I haven’t seen ‘Yang Young Joon’s personal staff around in a while, but he has showed up again.

Female police : Do you know against whom you will fight?

Ji Woo (Rain) : Everything will be okay because I always stand by you in joy and sorrow.

Kai (Daniel Henney) : I thought you were killed.

Ji Woo : He is saying ‘Howang Mi Jin’ is alive.

‘Howang Mi Jin’ : You guys should do this.

Kai : Why should we do so?
Howang Mi Jin : Because we are seeking the same goal that is ‘Yang Du Hee’s downfall.

Yang Du Hee : whose idea is this?

Howang Mi Jin : The old guy’s plans have been overambitious.

Ji Woo :  Is there any gold bar left ?

Jinny :  Why are you fixated by them like this?

So Ran : I don’t know how they can be fixated by that stuff like gold bars !

Police : Gold!

Jinny : There isn’t any dependable person in the world.

Ji Woo : Don’t forget to attend a party tonight.

Do Soo : You know I hate a party?

Kai : I’m opposed to it. (This sentence can be wrongly translated because I can’t hear well what he is saying – rain bird)

Yang Young Joon :  I trust no one.

~ by Cloud USA on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “[spoilers/Eng trans] Domanja check.”

  1. I cannot wait to see this episode. I hate seeing Ji Woo hurt.


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