[article] (Kill Bill) Black Mamba VS Ninja Assassin (Raizo): Knife Fight.

How awesome is this? 😀 » And don’t forget to check out Nastacia’s Black Mamba VS. Ninja Assassin slide show.

— Stephe ^@@^

The Miami Movie Examiner 11/30/2010— Nastacia Rollins, Correspondent

The Bride also known as Beatrice Kiddo but better known as “Black Mamba” was the target of a maliciously deadly attack at her wedding in El Paso, Texas after a noble attempt to leave Bill and the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Referred to as the deadliest woman in the world, Black Mamba sought out her revenge against all those directly involved with her attempted murder after awaking from a four-year long coma. The metal plate in her head and her unborn child missing, Beatrice awoke with vengeance as she murdered Buck and one of his customers who enjoyed raping comatose women. The Bride was responsible for the deaths Vernita “Copperhead”  Green (Vivica Fox), O-Ren “Cottonmouth” Ishii (Lucy Liu), Bill “Snake Charmer” (David Carradine), Budd “Sidewinder” (Michael Madsen), and Elle “California Mountain Snake” Driver (Daryl Hannah). She was brutally trained in China by a legendary martial arts Master Pai Mei and her braveness and hunger for vengeance is replicated throughout the two films.

“It all depends. When do you want to die? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?” The Bride/ Beatrice Kiddo

Raised by the Ozunu Clan, Raizo is the most lethal assassin in the world. If you blink, you will miss the beheading of the his target. If you squint you may get a glance at the ravenous look on his face as he murders his opponents.

“This is not my family. You are not my Father. And the breath I take after I kill you will be the first breath of my life.” – Raizo

So the question is if Black Mamba and Ozunu Raizo were to go toe-to-toe, sword-to-sword? Both of them have a sensitive side but it is definitely not reflected in the stopped hearts of their foes. Black Mamba is persistent and undoubtedly skilled with the sword. Her techniques resulted in the many dismemberments and death. But when you compare this with someone who is trained to kill from birth, who will win the fight?

“We’ll have us a knife fight.” – dearly departed Vernita “Copperhead” Green.

~ by Cloud USA on December 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “[article] (Kill Bill) Black Mamba VS Ninja Assassin (Raizo): Knife Fight.”

  1. I would want Raizo to win. But it would be cool to see them fight.


  2. Raizo hands down. Nothing else to be said except that is like asking whether Bruce Lee would beat Chuck Norris. Two different styles of training.


  3. hummmm, i didn’t have to sign in….i just put a name added my comments, did the word thinggy and wham! i’m up.


  4. I saw your comment, busy. Good job. 🙂

    I would have left one too, but for some reason the site isn’t letting me register properly. *shaking my head* I guess it doesn’t matter what side of the ocean you’re on, crappy log-in rules abound. And god only knows why.

    Oh well. Hopefully more of you comment over there.

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. and hey CloudUSA, thanks for the link. i get out of leaving comments on these sites.


  6. hummmm, going toe to toe? they’re opposites here. she is presented as having been trained to fight in daylight, he’s skilled fighting in day or night and seems either/ or works for him. she’s trained to administer a deadly blow by body contact. he is skilled in staying away from body contact. he is skilled to kill the best fighters in the world. he’s skilled to disarm weapons that she has trained with. she hasn’t come in contact with those types of killers (trained from birth to close their eyes and listen, to use their senses instead of sight).

    the difference to me is that, even though her film looks like she did the fighting it was a play of trick camera. he on the other hand did 90% of his own work, so i go with NA. (it’s the main reason i voted for Rain to win that MTV award, because of the realism of him doing his own stunt work)


  7. Yeah, you’re right there, flower. He’s got complete darkness and total concealment in any shadow on his side.

    And given half a chance, he can heal himself without medical help.

    She’s pretty good, though. And tough as nails. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side, that’s for sure!

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. I think Raizo would win hands down. I think she might be able to put up a little fight but she would definitely loose in the end. Raizo has two things she does not, that is speed and he can fight in the dark. Even if they went toe to toe in the light she would end of like that girl in the washing machine in the laundrymat.


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