Revisiting the Full House Era: Rain and HyeKyo in China.

Do enjoy this eTV entertainment news clip from February 2007, when Rain and Song HyeKyo did promotions in China for their 2004 Full House hit drama.

And the cutest pictures ever…!  Ahhhh.  I feel a round of “Three Bears” coming on… 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

Rain and Song Hye Kyo arrving in Changsa, China.  (source: Soompi / courtesy of yeonin @YT)


(image source site:

~ by Cloud USA on December 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “Revisiting the Full House Era: Rain and HyeKyo in China.”

  1. @CloudUSA….i agree. because of so many fans for either one of these young women i zipped my mouth. but, just let me say this meaning no offense to anybody. attention spans are so short sometimes, but SKY had ended a relationship just before Full House. in a news article, she said she wanted to focus entirely on her acting career and the break up was in part because of this. her ex-boyfriend at the time, made a statement of his support to her. i think Full House helped her handle that break-up.
    i also read the LYR is already in a relationship. the chemistry between Rain and these two is really good as far as characters go, but that doesn’t mean that’s who they really are in real life, nor does it mean that’s who Rain wants as a soul mate. and to be honest, i wouldn’t want to see Rain in a re-bound relationship, having to deal with a shadow of left over feelings. i hope he has/finds someone who brings to his life the exact same thing he brings to them. i believe creative people are a different breed. they don’t see the world as others do. (that’s what makes them creative), they have the ability to see outside the box and some willingly forgo self pleasures in their pursuit to create. even if Rain doesn’t have a love interest, that doesn’t mean he lacks happiness or fulfillment. i don’t have a clue just what type of female it will take to be a companion for him, but she is going to have to have the patience of Job, possesses an unselfish ability and be willing to share her husband with millions of adoring fans who will critique her up and down, inside and out (will she be able to stand that?). i think this is why Rain would not reveal her to the public. but if he does, i also think his career will become second for him, he has said as much by saying “her needs will come first.” so my thinking on this is that if/when Rain finds the right one, fans can expect a change because no way will he be able to be the same person he is now. his focus will change and his priorities will change. that is going to cause a delicate situation for Rain and i already wonder how he will handle that. he’s formed a love relationship with his fans over the years, so it will be interesting to me to see what develops once it becomes known that he is dating with intend to marry (cause i do think it will come out). maybe he’ll just move into film which doesn’t require him to be in the limelight as much. who knows?

    btw @Diva…they are not true cause SKY is in a relationship with her previous co-star of their last drama. it is confirmed by both of them and reported the two of them on vacation here in the States and even her boyfriend purchasing property here. when news asked him about the relationship he confirmed it but said he will not share or discuss their relationship with the public.


  2. I too fill thay make an adorably cute couple. I just loved them in Full House. They had so much chemistry in Full House I too believed they were a real couple off screen. I do not know if they are or ever were together. I just hope Rain find someone who will make him happy.


  3. any girl Jihoon dates is a lucky girl.


  4. They look really cute together but I think that THE ONE is not with him yet. Rain has being working a lot during this last months and I don’t think any woman can keep up with that. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I believe he is completely alone. Maybe there is someone that keeps him “happy”? *there is another word for this but I won’t use it coz we are women and is just not right* Anyway, I hope he can meet somone soon coz a life without is not complete and he deserves to be really, really happy. I think is better that he is with someone and be happy than be alone and thinking about awful things. There have being some tragic news in the korean showbiz lately and I don’t wanna see one related to him. I want him happy and healthy


  5. Yeah, there are a lot of Rain/HyeKyo fans out there, as well as Rain/Hyori fans, and both sides are convinced that their girl is “his” girl, even today.

    I think they’re both way the heck off. Not that he doesn’t match well with both women — he certainly does. But none of the three seem to be in the same mindset as before, back in their early heydays. They seem to have mentally moved on.

    You never know, though. Just my views…

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. Wow…I think that’s the most “normal” hairstyle I’ve seen on him. Not sure how I feel about that… Lol.
    I’m amused because there is a blog that surmises that Rain and SHK are secret bf and gf and have been for yrs. They have a lot of theories. Some of them made me go hmmm but I take everything said on most sites with large grains of salt.


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