[clip from live broadcast/Eng trans] Rain’s acceptance message as the MAMAs Best Solo Dance Performance winner.

Just watching Oh JiHo presenting the Best Solo Dance nominees, with his dimples OH SO FINE, during the live broadcast of the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards early Sunday morning comforted me greatly, as I totally expected Rain to be royally shafted.

(For those of you who don’t recognize him, JiHo played the tragically murdered Kevin, JiWoo’s hot best friend and P.I. comrade, on The Fugitive: Plan B.  He also played the hot-to-death General Song TaeHa, one of the main characters in Chuno [Slave Hunters].  Ohhhhhhh… JiHo!)

So when he called out “비…!” (Bi) as the Best Solo Dance Performance winner for “Love Song”, I just about fell out of my chair.

Rain’s CJ One CF spots during the commercial breaks… Oh JiHo presenting in a sharp suit… a well-deserved win for Rain (he promised to revolutionize K-pop dance with “Love Song”, and did it indeed)… AND on top of all that, an acceptance message from JiHoon to boot?

Hot-diggity, dog-diggity, boom, what you do to me.  (That’s code for I was ecstatic.)  😀

» My earlier post, from during the live MAMA broadcast, is HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^

10-11-28 Rain message @ MAMA_Best Solo Dance Performance.  (Credit DC / courtesy of rainbox625 @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Hi, everyone.  This is Rain.

I’d like to thank you all for this wonderful Best Solo Dance Performance award.

I’m afraid I can’t go to [couldn’t come to ^@@^] the awards ceremony due to the drama shooting.  But I’ll be sure to take part in the next awards ceremony, with my great performance.

Hope you’ll give a sincere compliment to many of my seniors and juniors performing at this ceremony.

Please be healthy and happy, everyone.

Thank you.

(The Wonder Girls hanging from the rafters was a pretty cool sight, I will say.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “[clip from live broadcast/Eng trans] Rain’s acceptance message as the MAMAs Best Solo Dance Performance winner.”

  1. Sadly, the video has been taken down on Youtube but I saw it before and recognized “Kevin” right away. He sure did look good enough to eat! I’ll take him as a side dish and Rain as my main course! MMM mmmm mmm…
    hehehehe :evil laughter:


  2. Oh, Yes M’am I recognized JiHo right away! He’s another Sexy Devil!!….He’s bonafide Grown Man SEXY!…….(SMILES)


  3. he sooo deserved that award and more!!!…wonder girls should have hung by the neck, but oh well not all youi wish for will come true…lol…just jking…congrats to BI!!!…aja aja!!! 😉


  4. I was so happy to hear that he had won an award. He definitly deserved to win both but at least he got one. I am a little confused about something he said. He said he would be sure to perform on the next one. Isn’t this award held every year? Isn’t Rain suppose to be serving in the army for two years. So how would he be able to perform next year? Maybe they alow entertainers to leave from time to time to perform. What do you guys think about what he said?


    • @flower,

      Sometimes entertainers get caught up in the excitement of winning an award and there’s no telling what they will say in an acceptance speech. Just watch any music award show here in the States as a prime example. He may have just said that in the moment or it could actually be a possibility who knows, but my guess is he was just accepting the award and just said that.


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