[ETA: Rain wins Best Solo Dance!][live stream] The MAMAs on Allkpop… are you watching?

[*ETA #3: WELL, GOOD GRAVY, FOLKS!  Ask, and ye shall receive!  Best Solo Dance Performance goes to… RAIN!  Who isn’t there!  But he did accept the award either by satellite or by prerecorded video.  And he looked awfully handsome doing it.  Wow.  Well, bless my britches.  Ha!  Congratulations, baby boy!

Performances made of awesome: Gummy, Taeyang, DJ DOC, T.O.P., Far East Movement, and G-Dragon.  Oh-em-geee!  Although there is a pattern going on… some Kpop guys keep pulling out guns and pretending to shoot their boys in the head… WTH?  Wonder Girls were good too, when you take into account that they were running all over and singing live.]

[*ETA #2:  Well… Mnet just gave Best Male Solo Artist to Taeyang, who came out of the audience to graciously accept the award.  Good going, ‘Yang! My, he looks good.  He’s so happy.  But you know I’ve got to say it, right?  During the nominee announcement right before the winner was revealed, Rain’s clip got the biggest roar from the crowd.  (Se7en got the second biggest pop.)  I really don’t want to believe the rumors about your no show/no award shenanigans, Mnet… so I suggest someone win tonight who is NOT there.  You feel me?  *scowl*]

[*ETA #1:  I hear Jim bellowing like a lovesick moose and clapping, down the hallway, because Perfume, one of his favorite girl groups, just hit the stage.  LOL!  I don’t blame him.  Cute girls…! 🙂 ]

°     °     °

I just popped over there… the feed is smooth, and the show looks impressive.  The fans in attendance are screaming their heads off, and of course they would be… 2PM is doing their thing on stage.  N-i-c-e!

*GASP* Well, merciful heavens!  As I sit here, Rain’s latest CF for CJ One was just aired during the station break.  *giggling with glee* Now that was cool.

Okay, so I just might hang around for a while.  Couldn’t hurt!

Are you watching?

» Allkpop’s Mnet Asian Music Awards live stream is HERE.  Click the arrowed button underneath “Live On Air!” to watch.  (Their Twitter chat beside the feed is pretty active, too.)

— Stephe ^@@^ 6:03 am EST, Sunday

[*ETA #4:  Well, it’s around 8:30 am, show is over, and I’m out of here.  CJ One was a sponsor of the show, so just about every station break I got to see one of Rain’s CJ One commercials.  *still in heaven* I’m really happy about Rain’s win, because I expected him to be completely shafted for not being there… but I wish I felt better about the MAMAs in general.  There’s just so much that doesn’t feel right about the way they do things… Hmm.  Peace out for now.]

~ by Cloud USA on November 28, 2010.

18 Responses to “[ETA: Rain wins Best Solo Dance!][live stream] The MAMAs on Allkpop… are you watching?”

  1. congratulation ~~!! rain 😎 (JUNG JI HOON)
    why is rain only recived only one award for the BEST SOLO MALE i read he won two award and they did even give rain 2 awards this is very unfair how only the artis are attedndee recived the award for the fact they show just how excitted and impressive of their new award SO WHAT???????????
    I DON”T CARE!! what i care is rain supost to get boith award and they should sent it of to him and i am kind not to happy how they announce they even u are not their u still won this just piss me off don”t they know rain is been give such so much perforamcer on stage and off stage to SEOUL regradless who comming or not the perssentive have comfrim he won both and then he did even get both this just not making me happy at all on other hand i am very prouds for rain won their is alot fand & clouds voter for rain and the outcome of this very make me upset i just could bare with Mnet and nether any perforamce whiches rain end this award all hios acomplisment with all his hardworking !!


  2. congratulation to all rain fan… its a delight…treat yourself guys on his winning…


  3. @ Monica, JiHoon is still filming fugitive a long with other stuff.:)


  4. Question: Where was/is Rain that he couldn’t make the awards show? Just curious. I’m sure the man is somewhere hard at work (as he usually is).


  5. Why oh why is this boy so damn fine!!! He looks so good, I don’t even care what he said as long as I can see him looking like this while he’s saying it. LOL! 😀


  6. Congratulations JiHoon! He does look fine in that pic!


  7. DAMN he looks good there! I hope someone “taped” the hell out of that (lol… like we’re using vcrs and stuff) and will post it on youtube!
    Congrats Rain! ❤ you…


  8. I couldn’t watch but seems to me that there is something going on behind the scenes. Well, I don’t know Taeyang so I can’t make a fair judgment between Rain and him but the way the MAMA’s are selecting seems weird to me. How come Rain gain on popular vote and not on sales? Hum. Food for thought. Anyway, is only one award show. Then again, Rain gave amazing performances there in the past and I don’t want to believe that because this one time that he couldn’t make it; they give the award to someone else because of that. Nah… On the other hand, Congrats to Rain for winning the Best Solo Award; he deserved it by all means. Rain is the best dancer and Love Song’s choreography is amazing. Whoo hooo!!! 😀


  9. Way to go Jihoon,Gummy,T.O.P and Taeyang.


  10. Did all those who didn’t or couldn’t show up make their point? Or did MNET call their bluff? I watched……..until 2PM won the first award, I knew where this was going…..don’t get me wrong, I like 2PM, they have been a ping on my music radar since the beginning. Congrats to them, and of course a BIG cangrats to Rain for winning. Not my point though………meh, its only 1 award show.


  11. i’m reading so many comments on allkpop about the MAMA’s history of selection and i feel they should know better than me. i didn’t watch this show because i got confused about how the awards would move down the list in case of absences of the artists (there is a comment that names an artiste who lost out because of this process). now i am questioning just how many entertainment agencies are represented here. MBLAQ vs 2pm…i’m more impressed with MBLAQ (really not because of Rain), but because these young men bring multi-talents to Korean entertainment. i really wish they had been acknowledged for that. i visited a Japanese blogsite and there was even an MAMA vid that spotlighted MBLAQ complete with behind the sceens pics w/Rain all the while promoting the show. and after using Rain and MBLAQ, only ONE award was given to Rain???? having paid attentin to these little small things MAMA doesn’t impress me much.


  12. GO! BOO! YEAHH! I’m so excited for JiHoon.


  13. I am glad that Rain at least won one of the awards he was nominated for. I am so glad he was able to accept his award even though he was not there. So he will be getting the actual award cool. He does look adorable in the pic above. Congrats Rain you go boy!!!!!


  14. Steph?, didn’t he win the Best Male Solo Artist, too?
    I thought I saw it on the MAMA final result. I am pretty sure…


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