[post] Fans’ vote results for the 2010 MAMAs have been released.

Allkpop 11/22/2010 —

The online and mobile vote results are out for the ‘2010 MAMA‘ (Mnet Asian Music Awards)!

A total of 550,605 people from all over Asia participated in the polls, with the majority of voters being females in their twenties. These votes are factored into the final awards selection, and make up anywhere from 10-30% of the criteria for winners.

The results are as follows:

* Best New Male Artist: CNBLUE
* Best New Female Artist: miss A
* Best Male Group: Super Junior
* Best Female Group: 2NE1
* Best Male Solo Artist: RAIN
* Best Female Solo Artist: BoA
* Best Solo Dance Performance: RAIN
* Best Dance Performance (Male): Super Junior
* Best Dance Performance (Female): 2NE1
* Best Solo Vocal Performance: Gummy
* Best Vocal Performance (Group): 2AM
* Best Band Performance: FT Island
* Best Rap Performance: Epik High
* Best Collaboration: Ga-In & Jo Kwon
* Best Digital Single: Park Bom
* Best Music Video: 2NE1
* The Shilla Asian Wave: 2PM
* Song of the Year: Super Junior
* Artist of the Year: Super Junior

Results can also be viewed on the MAMA homepage.  The ceremony will be held in Macau on November 28th, so tune in with allkpop for the live stream of the event!

Written By: Vitalsign

Source: MAMA official website
Tip: Sandra

~ by Cloud USA on November 23, 2010.

9 Responses to “[post] Fans’ vote results for the 2010 MAMAs have been released.”

  1. @stephe
    yeah that i mean toi say open yourself threah ahahha sorry dear no oofense on this i just wonder where it goes no worries !!


  2. @stephe ot teri
    what happen to the post i post this infor of rain won the 2 cetegories last nigh on LOVE SONGG thread ??
    anway i was to let u know he won did u took that down ??
    i wanted everbody to know rain have wong both solo male and
    Best Solo Dance Performance: RAIN
    Best Male Solo Artist: RAIN
    i just wondering ??

    CONGRAT TO RAIN !! for both winner and he derseved that !!
    i think rain will recived the award even though he not their someone will goes for his award like last time but not sure who took this time! yeah how come their no MBLAQ i did bnot see them on a list either ??


  3. Yay for Rain!
    What happened with MBlaq, no wins?


  4. i can’t beleive Boa beat out LHR, who has been working in Korea non-stop while Boa was absent several years. can’t believe that results. LHR, no where on the list. what a shame.


  5. hummmmm….i wonder too. WHERE IS MBLAQ. i like those boys (without being bias).

    for me they are so much more talented than others and really should have won something. these results leave a BIG ? mark for me. wonder will Rain receive these awards if he’s not there?


  6. I am extremely happy Rain won for both categories he was nominated for. Is it true that if you win but is not present the next person in line will recieve the award? I thought I read some where that they have a no show no award policy. It is sad that Rain want be able to attend. I definetly understand why he want be able to. If I was him I would not attend either if I had all he has on his plate. But I would of loved if possible to see him accept his awards. Yeah I do which MBLAQ had won something.


  7. Hmm… does Mnet release the fan vote results early every year, or are they just doing damage control this year (trying to get artists to change their plans and COME, so that fans will watch)?

    Just wondering.

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. I could say some things….. But I’m not gonna go there, I am very excited for Rain and extremely disappointed Mblaq didn’t win anything…. ANYTHING?


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