[post] KARA pulls out of the 2010 MAMAs along with SM, J.Tune, Cube, Pledis, & more.

MTV K 11/18/2010, by Sunny Kim — ^@@^

Is anyone actually attending this year’s MAMAs 2010?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards began to run into trouble this year starting with their controversial move from Korea to Macau.

Korean broadcast companies such as SBS, KBS and MBC argued the move saying that artists would have to choose between the MAMAs or their Korean end of the year show because of the timing.

DSP Entertainment says that KARA’s busy schedule is keeping the group from attending both the 2010 MAMAs as well as the 2010 Melon Music Awards.

All of the other artists have also cited busy schedules as their reason for pulling out.

Here’s the full list of artists who will not be attending.

SM Entertainment
Super Junior
Girls Generation

J.Tune Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment
After School
Son Dambi

Core Contents Media

DSP Entertainment


FNC Music
C.N Blue

Will you be watching this year’s MAMAs with so few of your favorite idols?

By: Sunny Kim

~ by Cloud USA on November 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “[post] KARA pulls out of the 2010 MAMAs along with SM, J.Tune, Cube, Pledis, & more.”

  1. if Rain’s not there THERE IS NO SHOW! lol mayb if taeyang performed MAYBE id waTCH BUT im not wasting my time now! RAIN KEEP DOIN YOUR THING!


  2. No this would of been my first time watching. So if Rain want be there then I want be watching.


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