[ETA: contest deadline extended to Nov 30] Straight out of Cloud USA’s soup pot: Our First Poster Pop Quiz.

[ETA: Well, folks, I gotta tell you.  The participation on this thing has been completely underwhelming.  Even though lots of people are reading Cloud USA, the fact of the matter is even though we have 11 (yes, that’s ELEVEN) posters to give away, only 5 (yes that’s FIVE) people have entered the contest so far.  That, Clouds, is disappointing to me.

It was so disappointing that I reached out and asked some of our regulars why—why, even though they had been given a whole week, hadn’t they entered this contest yet?  The feedback I got was this:  1) They didn’t realize the deadline was already here (gosh, it came so fast!), 2)the questions are really challenging, and we don’t have time to go and re-watch all of those episodes so we can get all of the answers correct, and 3) we’ve been so busy with family and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday that we haven’t even been able to think about the contest.

My response to these three reasons are: 1)surprise!, 2) we know they are really challenging.  We did that on purpose.  What fun would there be in a stupidly simple pop quiz?  And no one is asking anyone to re-watch anything or to get all of the answers correct, and 3) we totally understand.

Because we really do want to give away all of these posters, and we really do understand (sort of…) we’ve decided to extend the contest deadline until Tuesday, November 30.  We are hoping that this extension will give all of you the time you need to participate in this contest fully and to perhaps win yourself a cool poster (or two).  The rest of the rules still apply.

Remember you don’t have to answer all of the questions and you don’t have to get all of them correct.  Just have FUN and do your BEST.  And please, please, please get your entries in as soon as you can, because the deadline will NOT be extended again.  We have way too much to do ourselves during this holiday season, especially with the Christmas box project coming up.  So, if we don’t give away all the posters now, we’ll just have to give them away at a later date, in another contest.

And at this point, all I have left to say is if I had to choose between playing the lottery or entering this poster pop quiz, I’d be choosing the pop quiz, because, frankly, the odds are a heck of a lot better.

Good luck and please have fun,

Terri :-}  ]

♥ ♥ ♥

Well, here it is, everyone — Cloud USA‘s very first contest giveaway, compliments of KBSWORLDi!  (And we emphasize the “very first”, as it means there will be more giveaways to come out of our rather large stash of many things Jung JiHoon. Haha.)

You must be either a subscriber to Cloud USA’s media blog OR a member of Cloud USA’s Fan Forum to participate. (Either/or, not necessarily both.)  Please use your same subscription email address OR include your Forum ID name in your email, so we can recognize you in our database.  New community members who subscribe to the media blog OR who join the Cloud USA Forum may also participate.

And soooo… *drumroll* here are the Rules:

1)  We ask the questions, based on the first TEN Fugitive: Plan B episodes that have aired.  You answer as many of them as you can, as best you can, and email those answers to letitrain@cloudusa.org, with POSTER POP QUIZ as your subject line.  If there are some answers you simply can’t find and you have to leave something blank, so be it.  But email your best effort.  We repeat, your BEST effort, because…

2)  The first TEN Rain fans with the highest grades (the most questions correct) will win a gorgeous Fugitive: Plan B poster, sent directly to us by KBSWORLDi.  (They contacted us and kindly asked if we would like some of Rain’s Fugitive posters to share with our community, and of course we said yes.  And screamed excitedly.  Thank you so much, KBSWORLDi, for your generosity.  We really appreciate it.)

3)  There are TEN questions, with an 11th question for Extra Credit.  (Isn’t this taking you waaaay back, to your freshman in high school days? Heheh.)  The first Rain fan/Cloud USA Community member to answer all ten questions AND the EXTRA CREDIT question correctly will ALSO receive, in addition to their Fugitive: Plan B poster, an exquisite double-sided Rain Nature Republic poster, sent to us from Asia for the contest by one of Rain’s top supporters.

(Check out the hotness hanging on Terri’s wall…!  Honestly, these photographs do NOT do the posters justice, as anyone who already has them will attest.  They’re so pretty, it hurts.  Remember — we’re showing you the front AND the back of the Nature Republic poster.)

4)  The contest will go for two weeks, and will end one of two ways: By the deadline, November 30, or when ten people have answered all ten questions correctly, whichever happens first.

5)  In case of any ties, the winners will be determined by who emailed first (to the hour and minute).

6)  Winners will be determined by Terri and Stephe.  Winners will be posted, along with the correct answers.

That’s all there is to it!

And now… The Pop Quiz.  To make it simple, just cut and paste the entire thing into the body of your email (no attachments, please).  Good luck, everyone.  Break a leg!

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

1. What kind of motorcycle did Rain drive in Cebu (the yellow one)?

2. What two important things did Jin-Yi take with her when she ran from her first pursuers?

3. Where was the fight scene on the flatbed truck filmed, and who was fighting?

4. What did Rain film in Yokohama, Japan, that had absolutely nothing to do with The Fugitive: Plan B?

5. Where was Rain when he was attacked by Kieko’s father’s men, and what four things did he use as a weapon?  (Hint: two of them were body parts…)

6. The Fugitive: Plan B was filmed in 7 major Asian cities.  What were they?

7. As of Episode 8, how many times has Jin-Yi slapped Ji-Woo?

8. How many times did Ji-Woo shoot Do-Soo (number of encounters) AND how many bullets did he use?

9. Where were Kevin and Ji-Woo going to vacation after their next job in China, before Kevin’s death?

10. What is Ji-Woo’s last name?

11. Extra Credit question for that gorgeous Nature Republic double-sided poster from Asia:  What was the name on Ji-Woo’s fake passport and what connection does it have to the K-Pop world?


~ by Cloud USA on November 16, 2010.

29 Responses to “[ETA: contest deadline extended to Nov 30] Straight out of Cloud USA’s soup pot: Our First Poster Pop Quiz.”

  1. Hi everybody!
    I’m sort of new around here and I saw this quiz post. I’d like to participate but I’m confused about the whole eligibility thing… Can someone clarify that for me??


    • Hi, jelyba. 🙂

      To be eligible, you have to be either 1) an email subscriber to this media blog (which you are), OR 2) a member of our community forum [ http://cloudusa.lefora.com/ ]. Either one or the other. And that’s it.

      When you send in your answers, email them from your subscriber email address OR include your community forum ID/nickname in your email.

      Hope that helps… and good luck!

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. hihi I already have those posters ;o)


  3. Okay, Clouds,

    We are coming down to the wire for the poster pop-quiz contest. Get your entries in soon, please, if you haven’t done so already. Remember you don’t have to get the answers all right, just do the best you can.

    The key is to just ENTER and try to win!

    Terri :-}


  4. So I seriously thought tons of people answered these right away and I was going to be all late. I even had emailed myself the answers that I know last Wednesday. I’m sending what I’ve got right now!
    I guess we were taking it all seriously, trying to get it totally right… At least, I know I was. 🙂


  5. Okay, where the heck is everybody? FYI, we’ve only had 4 people enter the contest so far. WTH?

    Come ON, people. We need more entries. I KNOW you’re out there.

    You don’t have to answer all the questions. Just do your BEST and send in your quiz. We will grade them and the first 10 Clouds to get the most answers right will win posters.

    These are MUCH better odds than the lottery. This should be FUN.

    (And I cannot believe it is this hard to give away Rain posters…speechless…)

    Terri :-}


  6. LOL! I saw this contest too late to really scout out the answers plus not enough time to really do that, but I know the answer to the extra credit question right off the top of my head because I noticed that when I was watching and had to stop and rewind to make sure that is really the name I saw. Nice one, Rain! I bet he suggested putting that in.


  7. @stephe
    i email that i just sent to the very last EMAIL
    please took that one for the contest pleaseeeeeeee
    and thank u again HUG!!


  8. @stephe
    is included me too please tell what i need to repost coz, i am not sure if i part of this i need to know which one i need to resent u again thank u !!


  9. Lovely Clouds,

    HINT: SOME of the questions have TWO ANSWERS–and you must include BOTH ANSWERS to get the question correct.

    For those of you who have already entered, please re-read the questions and make sure you have answered BOTH PARTS of the question. If you look at your answers and realize that you didn’t answer a question completely, then please re-submit ONLY THOSE QUESTIONS THAT YOU DIDN’T ANSWER COMPLETELY. We are going to allow you to do that, because a few people got a little confused.

    Also, please be as SPECIFIC as you can with your answers. If we ask where something was located or ask about a particular THING, please be as specific as you can.

    For example, if we ask about a Rain project, then list the details of the project. If we ask for a place/location, don’t just give us the city or country. Give us MORE than that.

    (I just want to make sure there’s no confusion about the questions and that everyone has a fair chance to win these posters…)

    And of course, if you have any questions about the quiz, PLEASE ASK.

    Thanks and GOOD LUCK!



  10. Ladies,

    Please get your entries in quickly! Don’t wait, don’t wait! Just do your best at answering the questions and then get them in earlier than later, please. Otherwise someone might beat you to it!

    Remember the speed with which you enter is JUST AS IMPORTANT as getting the answers right.

    Trust me. These posters are GORGEOUS. They really are.

    Thank you.

    Terri :-}


  11. Are you getting your entries in, Clouds???


    Terri :-}


  12. i am totally buying myself chocolate cake for attempting this! though i failed was 5am though, Terri knows cus i moaned at her and kept asking stupid questions *giggle*

    Good luck to you all XD Hwaiting!!!

    P.S sorry i am just bored from blend shapes O___O Hey stephe *waves* XD i will be improving my cloudusa work YAY or in other words doing some HAHAHA *hides*

    This is hip song rock 2nite *does the dance*


  13. @stephe
    i just sent u with the cut & pase with along the answer
    please check u email again promise this it last one i so sorry about all this !!


  14. @stephe
    i did even cut and pase the answer what i give just the answer is that ok or do i have reemail u again so sorry i did relized it rgrrrr !!


  15. Damnnn… I was just about to go to bed and decided to check the blog and saw this. Now my mind is running a mile a minute. Some of these questions are HARD for a chick with ADD. Lol… Good luck peoples!


  16. @stephe
    sorry for all this troble
    i just emil another one that should with the FUGTIVE poster and the one i am anwer it please took that one thank u for helping me this i am fast right but my fast is hope for good luck thank u !!!


  17. @stephe
    i already email with the poster along please check i am crossing my finer for good luck and won this


  18. @kongsao

    We got your pop quiz email. I wanted to let you know because you were having trouble getting through. Thanks for participating, girl! 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  19. PLEASE, everyone, as we said in our contest post:

    1) EMAIL those answers to letitrain@cloudusa.org, with POSTER POP QUIZ as your subject line.

    Don’t put your answers in a comment on the Blog! You’ll be giving other people the answers!


    Stephe ^@@^


  20. good luck you guys! PINGO~


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