Word on the street: It won’t be Raining at the MAMAs?

Word is that it won’t be MBLAQing, either.

We can’t say we’re surprised, if this is true.  When details about this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards first hit the Blogosphere, we warned against automatically assuming that Rain would be there, only because of the mess that had been created by the awards ceremony being moved out of S. Korea, and the artists that bailed from the jump because of schedule conflicts.

Don’t get us wrong — we understand the Powers That Be wanting to create a more global feel with a gesture of goodwill to the rest of the world.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  But geez, look at the consequences — a bunch of the most popular artists around can’t even be there now.  Which means a hell of a lot of fans aren’t going to bother watching, and those numbers are going to add up.

What a disappointment, thinking of JiHoon winning awards and not being able to watch him receive them.  He kicked some music tail this year.  But heck, his hands are tied.  His schedule is his schedule and he can’t just run off with The Fugitive: Plan B on the air but not yet “in the can.”  Hopefully Mnet does some long, hard thinking about this and comes up with much better options for next year’s show.

» You can read POPSEOUL!’s take on it HERE, where they ask, if there’s no Rain (Bi), then is it really a 2010 awards show?

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

Nate News 11/15/2010 —

Rain won’t be present at the 2010 MAMA, which probably makes it less meaningful

Singer and actor Rain will be absent for 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) to be held in Hotel Cotai Arena, Venetian, Macau. on the 28th.

Because of the schedule of drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’ where he has given an impassioned performance as the lead in this drama, he won’t be able to attend 2010 MAMA.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, MissA, 2PM, etc. will attend the awards ceremony, but ‘Super Junior’, Girl Generation, SHINee, etc. will not show up.

credit to http://news.nate.com/view/20101115n07712?mid=e0102

(Brief translation by rain bird)

~ by Cloud USA on November 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Word on the street: It won’t be Raining at the MAMAs?”

  1. and the only thibng i would watch it all rain periods of all his fans that are going to that MAma differenly pull of and fail voz, the king is not their to persentive of the honor of this award not just that also he not even perforam LIVE either dran right what heck with Mnet ??
    anway, their alot artis well not be their i just wondering why could they have it in korean more convince to anybody can goes this very off on everybody esp the fan are going for their artis as well now!! it look bad even wrose expected from the news all am hopeing is that rain & Mblaq won this award and sent to them that all am looking forward to hear good news in both !!
    we all wanted suporting rain and watch this BIG EVENT OF THE YEARS garrrrrrrrrr!! they will complete fail that all i know! sad very sad!! 😦


  2. The only reason I would watch would be just to see JiHoon/Rain.


  3. Yeah i am bummed also, because I was planning to watch. I am not sure I will be watching it now. Where do I go to see when it will be aired in my time zone.


  4. Yeah I am petty bummed about this, I was all set to get up and watch too……now? Not so much…..>.<


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