[livestream] Watch the exclusive LIVE broadcast of the 2010 MAMAs on allkpop.

allkpop 11/11/2010 —

It’s that time of year again – the year end Mnet Asian Music Awards are almost here! And this year, allkpop has partnered with Mnet to bring all of our international readers a live broadcast of the four hour long awards show.

Get ready to get your K-pop worlds rocked, because it’s going to be one hell of a show! Make sure to vote for your favorite artists at www.2010mama.com, and follow MAMA’s official Twitter @mnetmama! And then… tune into allkpop.com on November 28th for four hours of K-pop awesomeness!

2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010 : 6:00PM (Hong Kong Time Zone, 4-Hour Broadcast)


Location: Cotai Arena at The Venetian Macao

Official Website: http://www.2010mama.com/

For allkpop readers located in Korea and China, you will have to access the stream through Mnet.com and Sohu.com respectively, as we will not be broadcasting to those countries.

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~ by Cloud USA on November 13, 2010.

12 Responses to “[livestream] Watch the exclusive LIVE broadcast of the 2010 MAMAs on allkpop.”

  1. no MBlaq either…hummm Rain and MBLAQ tight schedule.

    oh well, still voting for Rain and MBLAQ to win, but i won’t be watching the show. i saw many of these singers on my Kpop channel and just not my type. i don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i just enjoy uniqueness, something not done before is what get’s and holds my interest. (no offense to their fans), this is just my personal taste.


  2. @ kongsao
    Yeah I saw that. No Rain, no Shinee. I won’t be watching.


  3. it’s was a big mistake for Mnet to keep a bad relationship with SM. Because SM holds many of the top singers and without them, Mnet will lose many viewers. I’ll just look forward to watching the Golden Disk Award and Seoul Music Award.dramit it suck so no Rain at MAMA for 2 years…garrrrrrr!! and now no rain periods Now….! Without Rain, ultimate fail! T_________T i could belive it it happen 2 stright years why? it sound so unfair Mnet !! and i unerstand rain have conflic scehduel but nooooooooooooo…. rain …….. it differenly fail for sure ahah i am crossing my finger for his GOLDEN DISK AWARD here !!
    and hope rin won the Mama award and sent to rain too !! ..


  4. Thanks Kongsao, I wouldn’t be watching now.



    It was recently revealed that Rain will not be attending the ‘2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards‘ (MAMA).
    A J.Tune representative revealed on November 15th, “Due to ongoing filming schedules for his drama, ‘Fugitive‘, Rain is unable to attend the ‘2010 MAMA’.”
    The ‘2010 MAMA’ is being billed by Mnet as one of the biggest award shows in Asia; it’s also being brought overseas for the first time in its history, as the venue is located in Macau for November 28th.
    The show has already been hit with a consistent string of controversies, as many artists (such as CNBLUE) have been withdrawing their participation from the program. SM Entertainment has yet to respond about whether or not their artists will be attending this event, but it seems more likely than not that they will be missing it once again this year.
    In the meantime, be sure to tune in to allkpop on November 28th as we provide an exclusive live stream of the ‘2010 MAMA’!

    Source: Newsen // allkpop

    Rain will not attend the ‘2010 MAMA’
    dduring his hetic filming the FUGITIVE rain could even be their LIVE PERFORAM!! i am feling a bit sad for thoes are going to too see rain am talking about his fan who are travel to see him that is sad new why can rain took that day off it was an award and one big event to i don:”t understands why rain could took that day filming is filming but could he rest one day for that i mean alot peoples and fans are dying to goes and see rain why ??
    i totally understand the btw… what happen but, still i would let rain be their not filming man this is no fun even though rain won the awards but the person was even their to now i am noit going to have any feeling watching this coz, their no rain!!


  6. oh then it would be 2pm in pafic time zone my area i from then oh i wanted to see this too i hope it air in Mnet Mama it is a big event got to watch this i very hope rain won thios award he dersved another HONOR of the years!!


  7. People that like korean music can start to learn alittle korean that’ what I am doing. And it is not hard it is fun so start.


  8. Man… Anyone know if it will be recorded and able to watch it at another time. 5am is pretty intense…But then again it is for Ji Hoon lol


  9. Where do you go to find out what time it will be broadcast were you live?


  10. Are they going to sub in english? Because 4 hours of not knowing whats being said is a lot.


  11. OK wait. Am I using this correctly? Does it say that it starts at 5 am EST? Aish is right!


  12. it will be 2am here…aish!!


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