Drama ratings remain in a holding pattern.

Which isn’t a bad thing at all.  We’ll take it. 🙂

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10asia 11/12/2010—

SBS drama “The President” leads Weds and Thurs

SBS drama “The President” continued to remain the leader of Wednesdays and Thursdays prime time series though its ratings remained almost unchanged from last week.

According to data released by Total National Multimedia Statistic (TNmS) on Friday, the average viewership rating for “The President” was 24.35 percent, the figure the same from last week.

A survey by another media research company AGB Nielson Media Research meanwhile showed an average mark of 26.2 percent, about a one percent drop from the previous week’s score of 27.5 percent.

“The President,” that portrays the world of politics through eyes of a woman who later becomes the first female president of the country, has been the top Wednesday and Thursday prime time drama for six weeks straight now.

The average rating for KBS2’s “Fugitive: Plan B” also remained almost same from last week, posting a score of 13.1 percent this week, according to the findings of TNmS, which is about a 0.7 percent drop from last week.

AGB presented a 12.75 percent rating for the drama which is a slight improvement from last week’s 12.4 percent.

“Fugitive: Plan B” is about a detective and his female client’s journey across Asia to find the truth about the death of their loved ones and the mystery surrounding hidden gold pursued by gangs.

Trailing behind its two competitors was MBC drama “Home Sweet Home” whose average rating stood at 6.2 percent on TNms’ chart and 7.8 percent on AGB’s survey. The mystery melodrama revolves around the conflict between a married couple of 10 years and a woman who may have killed her husband.

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~ by Cloud USA on November 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “Drama ratings remain in a holding pattern.”

  1. @Jessica
    what vote and where for the drama i am confus what u saying their is a link for u to vote for the drama
    if so how many time u vote per a day and would u love to give us the link to vote to coz, how came i did know about the voting drama and where is the link is their one to vote for it hmmmmmmmmm??? can u give that link to us please !!


  2. @Jessica….vote where?? i watch on DramaFever. the sad thing about this site though, it that for some reason the episodes Freezes right in the middle, which probably turns viewers off. i reported this and it doesn’t seem to help. can’t download KBS’s player. also on DramaCrazy, which i’m told is also sanctioned by KBS. is there another place to vote for the drama?


  3. To all that who r fan of Rain and the new drama that he is in we need to have more votes, so please vote. Thank you.


  4. #2 is not bad at all as far as i am concerned. wonder what was A Love to Kill’s ratings or Sando Let’s go to School ratings? they were and are super great dramas, but i don’t think they were #1’s.
    at any rate the writers of this drama are doing an awesome job and they get a #1 drama for the first half of 2010 and a #2 for the second half of 2010. i say that’s a winner, big time.


  5. I love the Fugitive. Every episode is a must watch. Those that are not watching it is missing out. I would love to see it go past 20 episodes but I know it probably want. So I am going to continue to watch episode and support Rain.


  6. of course the new dramas will have higher ratings!!! but after a while they fall by the wayside and Fugitive remains steady, what does that tell you???…BI rules, that what!!! 😉


  7. I will take it! My thought is Korea can’t hold JiHoon his visions are way beyond them. While they will not take change he lives in a super future, I’m so looking forward to see what he does.


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