J.Tune Camp joins Tweetland?

Hm.  Interesting, indeed.  They’re following Rain crewman and choreographer SungTak, and the Boys… Is there any reason they’re not following J.Tune Creative’s Twitter?  Just wondering.

Hopefully they won’t just up and leave the building for months at a time like J.Tune Creative does, either.

» J.Tune Camp @twitter

— Stephe ^@@^

English translation: mir-ified @AbsoluteMBLAQ

(purple tweet) It is Jtune Camp’s official twitter!!! We are planning on updating all of RAIN, MBLAQ’s activities and more. Please gather a lot of interest…

(blue tweet) ON November 10th @ 18:30 MBLAQ will be participating in the MBC Special G20 Broadcast!! Please many people watch….

~ by Cloud USA on November 11, 2010.

25 Responses to “J.Tune Camp joins Tweetland?”

  1. Hellloo… All Cloud.. I’m a cloud from Indonesia 🙂
    Nice to meet U ..
    I really wanna send Rain a letter,maybe on 24th November,I will send it.. Please support and follow me on Twitter.. >< Gomawo 🙂


  2. and as for JTune Creative…i’m going to comment in the forum about that. i got questions.

    i think JTune Camp and Rain’s tweeter are the most authentic.


  3. @CloudMJ….yep…i’m aware of a change over from a Rain site to a MBLAQ site by admins.. but, that was an internal issue between staff, nothing to do with Rain. so i still think it looks inappropriate to totally exclude Rain’s activities from A+ sites. if for no other reason than to show respect to him for even giving MBLAQ to A+ and because the majority of those fans came directly from being exposed to MBLAQ through Rain’s concerts and his fan base. what other group has had that opportunity? all i’m saying is that there should be no separation between A+ and Rain Clouds (on many Rain sites they are together), and while one group focuses more on their choice at times when both artistes are appearing together or in the same venue, both groups should support them on their sites.
    how in the heck can you mention MBLAQ and never say anything about Rain???
    the last thing i want to add is this (which really perturbed me). i used to visit and comment frequently on MBLAQ sites to keep the boys encouraged, but i noticed at the bottom of one site “Rain’s” words were used and no credit was given. it was just posted there as though an after thought, but in reality every Rain site has those words stated in conversation by Rain. i thought that was poor taste to do that.
    the really sad thing about this is both groups should be able to come together to support either Rain or MBLAQ in polls when they are listed. whether separately or together. there is always power in numbers and regardless of what poll, if the two groups moved in one accord our artist would always win. we need to remember, anything Rain accomplishes has an impact on MBLAQ and anything MBLAQ accomplishes has an impact on Rain, either directly or indirectly. i’m glad this was brought up cause i have been wanting to say this for a long time. (these are my personal thoughts and are not intended to offend anyone)


    • Hii busybee, I do agree with you.

      But I’m feeling so bad right now.
      I never thought this would lead to much desperation.
      I’ll conclude.
      Hereafter I’ll not post on any blogs if it has anything to do with twitter.
      I feel like I know too many things about everyone around
      Knowing everything is not good at every time.



  4. #busybee1982
    i have to agree with u period that what am asuming too i been saw that Jtune sent last or a while agao abot who follow thenm or not honestly i did foloow them i feel kind wiere when i see that rainhave change his named to rainbox that for sure it his and xcome across Jrtune i honestly don”t wanted to follow then beside @29rain ONLY!!
    and i would love to message out of for him personaly that exzactly !! and i hate to say some fans of rain totally forget him after they found new artis for example Mblaq no offense guy DON”T GET ME WRONG HERE !! alright!!
    alot of them are fan of rain i know most of them from their Mablq they are leaving rain out and totally forget how it started and what rain bring until today to me if am follow and adimre sand envy devote to that person keep that in mind i well alway suporting him rain no matter what what ever the reson accured i don”t all i know just one rain already heavy for me !! and i am very imspire him why u and all of us know why??
    the thing is they don”t know how effort rain have work so much and become world until today rain give such more entertinment and live of world S. korean should know better but i guess they one eye open an another one close !!
    raon is truly world star to and who are lock by the world and i never forgive it for who he come from and what he done!!
    SHOT talking about me if i have all this money i well goes to all his event not one i miss that is my promise to u and rain!!
    what u say could be true too and that is ppoint of taking !!


  5. This is another reason I will not go back on twitter some of these so called fans are so dang flip floppy it makes me sick! As soon as a new concert comes up they would forget all about Rain and then if Rain has a concert then they MAY post about it. This whole thing just makes me sick in a major way, they know JiHoon will be gone to the military soon so, so is a lot of their loyalty.


  6. well about A+, i noticed that a while ago (lack of news or support for Rain). it’s not fair either because many Rain fansites have established subsections for MBLAQ supporters and many of those fans used to be Rainfans. Rain introduced these boys, worked with them gave them BIG TIME EXPOSURE to his fans and A+ seems not to give a hoot. but hey, folks are free to change how they want. as for JTune Creative, i’m not to sure if that’s still functioning (it closed down didn’t it?). i thought it changed to RainBox. JTune Creative was for the six to five clotheing line right? i believe Rain fans should just tweet directly to Rain’s personal tweets. we know that’s him when he sends out his messages.


    • Hii, yea.. too many bad things had happened in the past. Just to mention some of current admins of A+ sites are used to the admins of Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So that makes some sense why they left out and why not happy to give a support now..

      Jtunecreavtive is back on twitter.


  7. When I was on twitter I had the Navita Translator and their are a lot of different ones also that are free but this was the highest ranking. It worked great for me check it out.


  8. Can someone explain to me what happen?


  9. Wow. That is a REAL shame. 😦

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. :/ I was there when june tweeted.
    Rather Jtune did a long tweet giving a note about ADIEU 2010 with Rain.
    But too bad we, CLOUDS didn’t have a Korean-English Translators :/
    (Of cause GT was the only survivor xD, but it’s not that good )

    But no ABM or MBA either RT it nor trans.
    Definitely their concern is only MBLAQ. I’m not blaming them.
    But they were the source I used to chk.

    I wonder whether this was posted on RL or anywhere else.
    Allkpop reported a note but it was different.

    hmmm sorry. I’m so upset about this. Wish we had someone our own (cloud) who cloud do the translation.

    Every cloud is an A+ but not every A+ is a cloud. :$
    (Sorry I badly needed to say that)


    • Every cloud is an A+ but not every A+ is a cloud. :$


      That was very well said.

      I’m a little disappointed in the A+’s too. Cloud USA always tries to promote MBLAQ whenever we can, even though we are not an MBLAQ site, because MBLAQ is important to Rain. But I also think that Rain is important to MBLAQ. So, I was a little sad to see this. :-{

      Terri :-{


      • :S talk a bout it.
        Today I happened to go thru one of oldest posts of early MBLAQ days of an A+ blog.
        Guess who have commented there? yes, clouds.
        And who they have passed the credits to for news?
        yes, to cloud, mostly to our own Rain bird.

        I have seen you’re postings about MBLAQ.
        I used to RT them back to mblaqtwitters.

        I’m seeing Mblaq Sites links here and in every rain site!

        I’m not saying they should report about rain as well. If they do it there’s no use of us :p

        But COME ON YO, IT’S ADIEU 2010 !!!
        What’s the competition? >..< I'm already doing that LOL

        *Happy Ending*


        • I wonder why some part of my above comment is missing here :$

          at >..< (what I'd said has been taken out)
          *happyEnding* made more sense because of it.
          I had mention there that I do and I will continue to help A+ despite of their "help" for Rain. Though I did use an irony there I never thought it will get cut by the moderator.

          Having said that, yesterday JTuneCreative themselves posted the English translation of that post via FB and Twitter.
          This is my first time talking in *bad mouth* about someone or group of ppl publicly.

          CloudUSA, I apologize for that & A+s those who are helping out even Rain.
          I have no hard feelings.



          • I personally approved the comment you are talking about, CloudyMJ. Your comment was not moderated, or cut, or changed in any way. I approved it exactly the way it was written.

            And looking at “the irony” that you said was taken out, I don’t see any reason at all that it would have been taken out — there’s nothing wrong with what you said. Nothing wrong with it at all.

            In fact, we haven’t had to cut, change, or delete ANY comment that has been made on this blog since we went live back in January. No one has been a problem (so far).

            No apology necessary, because you didn’t say anything wrong, and we didn’t cut anything out of your post.

            If we cut or change anyone’s comment on this blog, the commenter will know it without a doubt because we will tell you we did it and why. IN your post.

            Stephe ^@@^


          • @Stephe
            Then, guess it was an internet connection error.I’m not really familiar with here.
            Could rem, my very first post (2 weeks b4) got posted twice posted too 😀

            What I had said was though we, clouds instinctively tend to help out MBLAQ because we have “the family care” for MBLAQ, as they being Rain’s kids,
            but at times it not vise versa.
            I should wind up this as I was the one started.
            But my disappointment over some A+ will remain the same.
            Every Cloud is an A+ but not every A+ is a Cloud!



            • That is a good observation, and I totally agree with it. That’s the way I’ve always felt about MBLAQ, that we should care for them and take care of them because Rain cares for them so much (emotionally and not just physically). They are under his wing.

              And on that same token, Rain should be cared for by others every once in a while because MBLAQ cares very much for him, they love him and he is their umbrella. If not for him, those of the five that did end up making it would have been scattered across the KPop world. The name MBLAQ would not have come to be at J.Tune.

              I find it quite impossible to care for the big brother but not care for the little brothers. They go hand in hand and it seems natural to me to wish the best for them both.

              Oh well, that’s my take on it. And I suppose we will just put this subject to bed now.

              Have a great Wednesday!

              Stephe ^@@^


            • (and yes, there have been Internet problems I’ve noticed too. I’ve seen people’s comments come through here twice a lot… I’ve seen the same comment but only part of it in one of the comments… and I’ve even seen some comments from a bunch of you come over in the Spam and we had to get them out of there… the Internet can be a weird place.)

              Stephe ^@@^


          • @Stephe, I just replied everyone one-to-one as they have referred me. Does that lead to spamming 😦
            Just let me know. I really don’t know the rules here.
            And one more thing wanted to ask. How could I log in here via my wordpress? I usually log in via 625 then come here so that you could automatically take me in 😀
            Other than that I couldn’t find a way of get in.
            *sorry for the trouble*


            • @cloudymj

              You and the other commenters that I was talking about didn’t get caught in our Spam filter because of anything you did. You didn’t say anything wrong. WordPress’s spam filter sometimes just makes mistakes and grabs the wrong comments for whatever reason and puts them in with the real spam stuff. It wasn’t you at all.

              I’m assuming by “625” you’re talking about Fugitive625’s blog on wordpress? You do it the same way as you would there… scroll all the way down our sidebar to where you see “Log in”, click on that and put in your password. And what you’re really signed in to is WordPress itself, not any particular blog. That’s pretty much the way it works for everyone on a WordPress.com blog… it’s not like signing into a forum where you have to “get in.”

              Hope that helps.

              Stephe ^@@^


          • Hii stephe,
            Good Morning,
            😀 😀 😀 😀 you made my day.
            lol As you told , I scrolled down the blog.
            Guess what I saw? 😀 😀
            Rain was *giggling* at me
            (like saying,you silly rabbit shouldn’t you have looked around without bothering them)
            Now I know, why it’s kept at bottom of the page ;D
            Here after I’d rather come here to log in, then go to F625 lol.
            Have fun
            Thanks again.
            (Aren’t I really spamming here ;))


  11. now if only they’d joint Itunes


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