[Runaway staff tweet] Looks like a lot of blood…

… is going to be involved in THIS scene.  Holee cow. O_O

— Stephe ^@@^

By: Ryan Moon

When: Monday, 11/8/2010

Images: moonbeards @twitpic

(English translation to come)

남자의자격 태권도 흰띠!! 이제는..국민 액션배우 정진이형과 양두희역에 송재호선생님..그리고..오늘은 누워만있는 김형사 형종이형님의 촬영현장입니다^^
형종이형이 누워만 있는이유는..이번주 도망자를 보시면 알게딉니다~~^^
도망자 본.방.사.수! !

~ by Cloud USA on November 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “[Runaway staff tweet] Looks like a lot of blood…”

  1. Okay it’s gonna be a bloody one coming, I cringe now each time he gets hurt(dumb!) hahahahahaha can’t help it, also see thats why he can’t sleep but I love the sticker JiWoo Bucks Coffee. hahahahaha Your to much JiHoon. hahahahaha LOVE YA SWEET FRIEND


  2. Wow!!! Now I am really excited!!! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next in Fugitive!!!! That can with Rain’s face in it, just hillarious!!! I wanna know who did it. Lol


  3. Look at that face silly uh.


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