[fan made] I’ve posted it before, but here it is again. Even You.

Just because this is one of my FAVORITE Rain songs of all time and I really want to hear it right now.

Listening to it gives me chills.  I am addicted.  *looks around for a support group*   *oh yeah, this IS Cloud USA, like, what more support do you need ROFL*

— Stephe ^@@^

Footage:  From a Six To Five photo shoot in Cebu, The Philippines.  Song: Even You, from Rain’s second album, Vol.2 How To Avoid The Sun

(fanmadeMV) rain(bi) 6 to 5 sketch ~ even you.  (courtesy of miuseNaBi @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “[fan made] I’ve posted it before, but here it is again. Even You.”

  1. i’m jumping into this group too. don’t even think about leaving me out, hahaha.

    hell yeah, this man is a crooooooooooner. no doubt about it.
    lovely photo shoot perfectly matched with a lovely voice.


  2. Ah…

    “Even You” is one of my favorite songs. So soulful and so sad. I never get tired of it. Ever.

    Good grief, he has like a gazillion break up songs…

    Terri :-}


  3. It’s a first time for me too. Just when I think that I have heard every song, there’s one new. LOL I looove it!!!! Looove the video, I have seeing the pics but not the actual shooting. Lord, those dimples in his back, yummie!!!!!!! *Thud*


  4. This is a beautiful song and first time I’ve seen this video, I loved it. Thanks Stephe, And LOVED those butt shots I mean he has to know he has a very,very nice butt. hahahahahahaha love it.


  5. am telling this one best imspre to spree wheel i am addict to his model and yet fall into his body and look gosh rain just to strong for a man ahahha..
    he not just hot sexy and model but toward that model anybody gril can come acrss and yel hey babe you hot!! and i am addict to this one hyung guy could let go atr all why?? rain why? i am so specchhlleesssssssssss as well :P)


  6. Yup, Stephe! My all-time favorite song too!!
    Not only listening to it but staring at this gorgeous guy too will automatically send chills down my spine !!! That’s how GREAT he is !!!


  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Joy San, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: [fan made] I've posted it before, but here it is again. Even You. http://wp.me/pLdQp-6by #Rain […]


  8. oh,,oh… first time for me to see this..thanks for showing it..You have lots here that I see for the first time…thank you…it is nice .
    I really enjoyed seeing this ~ ~ ~ Rain’s having fun ..`SMILE~


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